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No advice to give, but just want to send you positive thoughts and lets you know I'm thinking of you and feel for your situation. You definitely aren't a failure.

Tracy and Brody

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.
- Josh Billings
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Tammy, I am so sorry and sad to read of your predicament and that Tillie isn't doing well. I agree with your plan of getting Tillie checked again. In my old age , I have learned to listen to my gut and I feel, as a rule, that women have a stronger instinctual sense than men when something is wrong with the ones we love. So, if you feel Tillie has a physical problem, I would definitely pursue getting her checked to rule that out, even if it means sneaking her to the vet. I would also use this as a teaching opportunity for your children, and maybe your husband too. That as a member of the family, Tillie deserves love, understanding and empathy - not only when things are hunky dory, but in the bad times too. After all, I am sure you have shown your children love and understanding when they are sick or their behavior isn't stellar. Tillie depends on you all to care for her, even more so when she is sick or something is wrong. She has no one else. And especially since Tillie hasn't always been like this. Ask your children to put themselves in her place and think about how would they want their family to treat them if it was them instead of Tillie who wasn't feeling well.

We are again treating Augie for urinary tract infection - no crystals this time. He started peeing on my throw rug that is in front of the front door. I noticed he was also more quiet. Subtle things that my husband did not pick up on. He was that way with the kids too. I have relied on my gut a lot over the years - and most times, I am on target.

I will keep you in my thoughts and hope you are able to get to the bottom of the problem and that we hear better news soon.

Linda, Augie & Finn's Mom
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I am so sorry. Buzzy gets nervous a LOT- especially in the car. We have a prescription for Xanax that we give him before car rides, and that helps a LOT. Lately he has been nervous with a lot of people in our house (Hanukkah, Holiday Party, etc) but once everyone leaves he is fine. If he ever made in the house I would know it is a UTI and call the vet- they know us by now and I don't have to bring him in anymore- I just go and pick up the meds. Maybe call them and tell them you suspect she needs antibiotics because of her unusual behavior and then you won't have to bring her in for testing. Buzzy also shakes when he is sick and behaves strangely too...
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Dave T
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Tammy, So sorry to hear this. Nearly all professional trainers or behavioral experts will tell you that the first line of attack when things appear somewhat suddenly, is to look at physical issues. I think that is where you need to start. If your vet hasn't done a full panel of blood tests ,that would be the next best thing to do. I would definitely include thyroid test in this. Hope you can get the others to help , this affects them if it affects you. You do what you've got to do. This is obviously hugely important to you. Hugs Dave

Dave and Molly
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Originally Posted by Tuss View Post
hope you figure it out. Dogs can get anxiety disorders and even depression just like humans. My friends' german shepherd was on prozac and it really helped! Expensive though.

Are there any vet schools in your area that might be cheaper than a regular vet and might do a more thorough workup? What about an animal trainer/behaviourist? Even a trusted experienced dog person like a trainer but be able to give you some help/advice that might be cheaper than the vet.

Christmas is a stressful time for animals; new sights and sounds in the house, people, decorated trees in the house, change of routine, etc. She might just be feeling the stress of the family.

Another thing to try is more exercise. A tired dog is less likely to get anxious, stressed, aggressive, etc. I nice walk every morning might be good for both of you and good bonding time as well. Sounds like you're pretty stressed out as well.

Hope Tillie doesn't have anything serious and settles down.
Oh so Right! A tired dog is a good dog!

Dexter & Jack
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oh Tammy, I was worried when I saw your post, but had no idea. I'm so sorry.Hope you can figure out something soon. Hope you know how much everyone here on the forum loves you and Tillie! Jody

Jody ,lucky Mom of Atticus
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Tammy, this has brought tears to my eyes. I am so sorry. I am wondering if there are a few things going on here. She may very well be in pain and thus the trembling. UTI's feel awful. You mentioned that everyone is treating her differently-pushing her away and being cold towards her. That could be causing her to be fearful. I hope this gets resolved and please keep us updated. We are here to support you!

Lynne-Lizzie's mom
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Hope the problem is physical and treatable, poor Tillie. I also hope your family comes back around to give her the love and support she needs.

Becky C
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I'm so sorry! You are NOT a failure! If you know something is wrong then you are right. Mommies always know. Tillie relies on you to advocate for her and get her the help she needs. You are definitely her person and it is your role, sadly to the exclusion of other family members. But maybe at the end of the day, this experience will be a learning opportunity for your family to be more compassionate.

Once when Buster was sick with an ear infection, he bit my husband. He would NEVER bite otherwise. He also trembled when he was in pain. Perhaps your son unknowingly touched the part of her body that hurts and that's why she bit. perhaps it's a part of her body that gets touched frequently and that's what could be causing the aggression. Something is wrong with Tillie and they haven't found it yet, and I agree with you that she is trying to communicate it. That's the toughest thing: they can't tell us and that's why we often feel helpless and feel like we have failed. We all know you are doing your best and we support you. Please check in and let us know any updates. Big warm hug.

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Michelle, mom to Tino 8/27/12, Buster at the Bridge 10/29/99 - 1/4/12
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Quoted earlier in the thread: "Another thing to try is more exercise. A tired dog is less likely to get anxious, stressed, aggressive, etc.". End quote.

I would hold off on exercising her too much. If she is physically ill and/or in pain--which seems pretty likely--she will need her energy to heal and recuperate. Perhaps the vet can prescribe some pain meds or mild sedatives? If you see improvement from either medication, it could be an indication of the cause of her problem.

I'm throwing out every idea I can think of, Hoping that something I suggest might ring a bell and be helpful. Xoxo

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Michelle, mom to Tino 8/27/12, Buster at the Bridge 10/29/99 - 1/4/12
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