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Hi and Welcome!

Wanted to answer your question about where they sleep. I have two Havs. Although a lot of forum members' Havs sleep with their humans, mine do not, and it has nothing to do with allergies. I am a light sleeper. Augie slept in the kitchen until Finn came to live. After Finn came, he sleeps in the kitchen and Augie sleeps in his crate in the living room, or a chair, or on the couch. He just kind of roams.

About grooming - my boys are not bathed as often as some on the forum. I would think that if you have a propensity for allergies, bathing more often would probably be in order. Augie has gone 4-6 weeks between baths. I do comb him out at least every other day, daily when he was going through blowing coat. Finn needs to be bathed more often, his coat gets dirtier feeling faster, and we are combing him often as he is going through the coat blowing process. Both my boys are in full coat. I also wash their faces daily. If you get a good comb and comb or brush them daily, it really doesn't take that long and it will also get them used to human handling so they tolerate it better when you do take them to a groomer. There is also nail trimming to consider and brushing of teeth (where I haven't been the best, I'll admit). Since I bathe the guys myself, and they are in full coat, I have no idea how often others take their Havs in to groomers for baths and haircuts, if they don't do it themselves.

Linda, Augie & Finn's Mom

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Joe Cool!
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My Jack loves people. Our house is the midpoint for the family so we end up having a lot of family gatherings. Jack goes from group to group and stands in the middle. Such a social butterfly. (My Aussie get put in our bedroom. All those people disturbs her sense of order.)

Jack is fear-aggressive to bigger dogs. We are working on it but I think he will always be leery around big dogs. Probably a good thing as long as he doesn't go Napoleonic.

Jack gets a bath every 7-10 days. I trim him down once a month. It is pretty easy. You make a couple of oopies but the beauty of the breed is that scruffy is good! If you take them to a groomer, it is around $50 plus tip. You don't have to worry about trimming for the first few months.

Jack has always slept in his crate in the family room. Upstairs is for cats and humans.


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And another thing.....for a breed that does not shed, I sure get enough hair off of them when combing them out.

Yea! Butt baths for sure! The boys sleep with us in the bed. When I am home at night, the boys will stay up with me until I go to bed at night. I do not even notice the boys in the bed during the night, but it does appear that Dexter does like to lay close to husband.

If you are going to keep your Hav in a short clip, the grooming will be definitively more relaxed compared to a long haired Hav.

Believe me....once that Hav is in your house, you will not want to give your Hav up to Mom. Can Mom handle a Hav puppy? Puppies are very time consuming...lots of up and down to go potty. That potty door you are talking about sounds like heaven!

I wonder how long my boys would stay outside if we had a potty door?

As for other breeds, it just depends on how the other dog's temperament is with other dogs. How old is the other dog? You are making a 10-15 year commitment, so make your decision carefully when choosing a Hav.

How old are your children? My boys cannot handle the loudness and sudden burst of noise...maybe because we do not have children around all the time. Just something to think about...

Dexter & Jack
"One Hav is NOT enough to enjoy the RLH skills!"
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Welcome. It's great to see you really researching this breed.

I don't have kids, so there is nothing I don't like about the havanese. I groom them myself, so I enjoy the quality time I get combing them daily and cutting them every 4-6 weeks. I can see where it would be a negative to some people. I never really had to deal with blowing coat, because I've always kept them in puppy cuts.

They are hard to housebreak, but I never knew anything else. Bella was my first dog ever! If you prepare for it, you will be ok. They can take a year to housebreak in some cases!

I love this breed. They constantly make me laugh. They are laid back and very devoted. I like their loyalty to me. I also enjoy them following me from room to room. They need to be with me, so they do sleep in my bed. That's all they've even known.

My guys get along with other dogs, but they do prefer the small ones.

All my guys had separation anxiety. When I got them as pups, I worked with each one for an entire weekend. I had to train it out of them. By the end of the weekend, they didn't have the anxiety anymore. When I leave for work, they get excited because that's when they get their kongs. Then they sleep on the back of the couch and watch for the dog sitter to arrive. I've watched them on video and they seem very content and relaxed when I am gone.

My guys are very relaxed dogs. This could be because I walk them a lot. It's normal for them to get a 3 mile hike daily. My brother has a Hav that is off the charts with energy. If you do decide on a hav, know that they vary in energy level. I always insisted in the puppies who were laid back and easy going. I knew that would work best with my lifestyle.

My brothers Hav sleeps in the kitchen. I'm not quite sure why they don't allow him to sleep in their bedroom..... I can tell you his dog is restless and anxious at night. I stayed with him for a few days and that dog was not getting a good night sleep. I felt very sad for him. My guys sleep like babies. They don't get up until they hear their food bowls!

Good luck with your decision!

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Maya does like to sleep with me, but she sleeps at the foot of the bed. If it is at all possible try letting her sleep with you even if it is in her own bed on the floor. But then, if you get one young, you moght be able to get your hav to sleep in her own area.
Maya does get along with all breeds. It is fun to try and watch her around the neighbors Rott!
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this thread is very interesting!

I will try to stick to the original questions as closely as I can!

- How are they around people with allergies? Not sure as we don't have allergies, BUT I agree with bathing every week and probably keeping your hav in a shorter cut.

- Is the separation anxiety bad? Because of work and school, it would be left alone for around 5-6 hours each day. I think this depends on the dog and how old they are. BUT on the whole this breed LOVES and longs to be with YOU and they will not be happy left alone for hours on end, every day. Even with my hav, who is 1 1/2 yrs I rarely, if ever would leave her for 5-6 hrs. I know there are LOTS of people who do, but I just couldn't do it, unless it was an emergency situation.
I think you would need to be sure to take some time off to be home and work up to several hours alone over the course of a week or 2 at least. So the puppy learns that you WILL come back. just my advice and experience. I had the leisure to be able to slowly build up the time I was gone, starting at 15-20 minutes and working up to 3-4 hrs over the course of several months.

- What is your favorite thing about owning a Havanese? -
the pure devotion and love that radiates out of my baby when she looks at me with those eyes! I also secretly love how gorgeous she is and love to talk about her with people when I am out with her! I love how excited she gets when it is time for a walk. I love how she always without hesitation is happy to see me. I love to see her playing with my kids (6 and 9 yrs old) and knowing that she is safe with them and they are safe with her. She was raised with 2 very active kids and as a result LOVES kids, I mean LOVES kids! The kids can have the radio on, playing Wii, squealing and laughing, screaming and running and Tillie is just in the midst eating it all up! Tillie loves activity and in OUR home is never scared or hesitant in any way. yet, she KNOWS her place, knows that she has to lay down and STAY until I SAY 'yesssss' meaning she can eat. That girl will stay in a 'down-stay' for 15 minutes if we forget to release her! LOL (note, this has never happened, but it COULD. LOL) Our hav was also VERY easy to potty train, with bells so she had a WAY to tell us she needed to go out! She was potty trained by the time she was 4 1/2 months old. Hasn't had an accident since.
This breed is smart, cunning, charming, gorgeous, funny, fun, loving, typically easy going and LIVES to please you.

What do you not like about them? - in a word. GROOMING. LOL seriously. I TOTALLY under-estimated this one. Tillie grew out until 'blowing coat' happened. After a week of 3 hr grooming sessions where I would spend an hr combing and de-matting only to turn around and find silver dollar size matts AGAIN, I 'gave up' and had her shaved down. She was about 9 mos old. SHe has been growing out since then and I have also taken over ALL of her grooming. I constantly have a list going on in my head, as to what needs to be done. BUT i do enjoy it, it isn't a hardship or anything, BUT it is a reality. I am at the point where I might cut her down again because she is just looking ragged to me lately ... and we really haven't had winter, so she doesn't need her coat for warmth!
If you get a hav, your comb will become your best friend...
I have always combed Tillie out once a day (at least) and she gets a bath every 7-10 days. I love the $$ I save doing all of her grooming myself and I know she is MUCH happier and safer with me than with any of the groomers around here!

hmmmm... did I stay on topic? LOL
Any other questions that we haven't answered yet?

Tammy and Tillie
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Hey there,
you came to the right place.

1) allergies - I'm uber allergic to almost all things environmental. I'm batting 1000 at the allergist's office so far. allergic to cats and dogs. I have a 1/2 hav 1/2 shih tzu. I can rub my face in his coat. not allergic to him.

2) what do I love about the breed? I'm big dog person, but I'm totally enamored with the havs. and I'll always have one in my life. they are entertaining, clowns, super smart (mine knows over 30 tricks and is a certified therapy dog, and comes to work with me), sweet, funny, everything you'd want in a little dog, if you raise them right.
I'm single, but my 6 nieces and nephews all under at 10, are in love with Ollie my little guy.

3) there is nothing I dislike about the breed. I did my homework, and knew grooming would be in the mix. If you don't like the brush or the straight comb, don't get a hav. I keep his coat pretty short, no longer than 6 inches, but I still comb him out every other day, if not more, and I'm always finger combing him.

4) separation anxiety and how well the dog gets along with other dogs is dependent very much on how you raise the puppy. SA I believe the pup is born with, but how severe depends on how you raise them. my little does have it, but I have other dogs, so he's never alone.

He sleeps where ever he wants. I'm not a crate household. I will say, little dogs have BIG personalities. and yes, companion dogs LOVE their people, so it will be tough on them to be away from you.

I work at a public elementary school. 2 yrs ago I was talking to a parent, and she swore she'd never get a dog. 3 months later, by circumstance she got a 7 month old hav male. JJ. just talked to her yesterday, and it's the same as the 1st wk she had him, she's so in love. will never have another breed. Her husband said he never thought he'd lose his wife to a dog .

My little guy is always up for anything. from starbucks to off leash romp to watching TV, he is one of the best dogs I've ever had. did I mention he's very very cute! good luck.
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I think it depends on how bad your asthma or allergies are?I have asthma & allergies to dust,and most all types of animals except for the havanese?I have 4 fur babies and they all sleep with i and my hub? for training they need positive training.I think that they are are very smart breed .just depends on the training & how you treat your fur kid?and that they are a social i think they get along with other breeds?I know mine do.?they are a Velcro dog,everything sticks to them&they stick to you?lol?for my allergies&asthma i have been taking 2 to 3 tea spoons of organic virgin coconut oil a day and sometimes at night a cup or 2 of chamomile tea? it seems to be working for me?
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I love my havs but agree that not all of them are overly affectionate. I have three and the leader is only affectionate on her own terms. Then she licks. The other one, both ex show dogs adopted is very affectionate. Both sleep in my bed since I lost a family member. The boy who has a heart condition was adopted at 4 months and he is really not affectionate yet they all want to be around me all the time especially if I have food. I love them all but the boy who can't be fixed because of his heart, is sometimes "overly humpy on me" Aloha
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