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Brody gets/got terribly car sick. He still does over gravel roads. I've tried a bunch of things with him to make him more comfortable in the car.

My current arrangement uses the solvit car harness Solvit 62294 Pet Vehicle Safety Harness, Small: Pet Supplies in the front seat. He's not heavy enough to trigger the air bag sensor. I've found he does better in the front than in the back and also I can reach over to him in the front whereas I can't reach him when he's in the back.

From the day I got him home, he's gone on short daily car rides with me (to and from work). It's a 6-7 minute drive each way: just short enough that he'd get to the drooling stage but not actually throw up until we got to work. Over time the throwing up stopped on the short trips, but the drooling lasted longer. This eventually tapered off as well.

Then over the summer I took him on a LONG trip (about 16 hours). A lot of the issues resolved themselves on that long trip. It was hard...he cried for the first 6 hours or so solid and I was ready to toss him out the window! He did throw up a couple of time (but not much). Now he pretty much reserves the throwing up for when we are on gravel roads.

He's still not a huge fan of riding in the car, but he happily jumps in it and isn't traumatized by the sight of the vehicle. He'd much rather come with me than be left behind.

What I'd like to get for my next long trip is the solvit booster seat. Solvit Jumbo Tagalong On-Seat Pet Booster, Standard: Pet Supplies

When I fly with him I do give him children's gravol as I don't want him throwing up in his Sherpa bag and then having to lay in it.

Tracy and Brody

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- Josh Billings
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This is the seat I have for Sir Winston and he loves it....I do too!!!

Sir Winston sez "Non Basta Una Vita.”

Flynn, lady-in-waiting to Sir Winston and Lady Mia
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Been there

When my husband and I travel on trips, I ride in the back seat with the girls curled up next to me and they do great. Two of our dogs are puppy mill rescues and had not been in a car for their first two years, so we had all the drooling and throwing up mentioned. We did all the typical things, going in the car in the drive and getting treats, then graduating to going down the drive, then short drives and it certainly helped. We tried me in the back and that REALLY helped. One dog never gets sick now, and the other once in a while if they are in the back and I am in the front. We just came back from a 700 mile trip and they did great, but our almost 17 year old dog has started shaking a LOT when we go in the car -- for years and years she did great. We have tried Rescue Remedy (and some other things) for her and it did not help at all. I guess being an old lady she just wants to be home. When we got home from our trip last week you could tell she was just so happy to be home.

Mom to my girls Jaime, Dori, & Chloe
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Ask your vet, there's a new med that's out that's specific for motion sickness. next time I'm at the vet I will get the name for you.
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So this weekend we took Arthur to the park. Instead of putting him in the crate, we let him sit in the backseat and I sat back there with him. He did soooo much better. Initially, once the car started moving, he was drooling a bit, but not NEARLY what it's been in the past. And on the way home, he didn't drool at all! He didn't get sick and seemed to actually enjoy the trip.

This was a test run and obviously I want to keep him safe, so I'll look into the other seats/restraints that were suggested. Obviously it was the rocky motion of the crate bouncing around that caused such illness.

Thanks everyone for your wonderful input and advice!!
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i just started using NatureCalm24/7 pheromone collar for my dog when we leave him with the dog sitter. the vet recommended this collar and i think it might work for your dog. it's more for separaton anxiety but it might help calm your dog in the car. does she get car sick because she's stressed or is it he car ride that is making her sick. i know there's a new med that was just released for motion sickness. i am doing to the vet wednesday and can post the name of the med. i feel so bad for your dog. (
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We traveled to Huntsville, Ala (about 4 hours) to pick up Rosie. She rode well in my lap. Then the next weekend we took her to another town up the road a 30 minute trip. My teenage grandson rode in the back with her in his lap. Shee did fine until we started back. then she started puking and did it continouly all the way home. I was scared to death that she would die before we got there. After all she only weighed 2.5 lbs. But as soon as her feet hit the ground, she was fine. Like I said she has gotten up to about 10 smooth miles now, but that is the very limit. If she is being held, she pukes on you, in her seat, me riding in the back with her. It doesn't matter. We are still not sure if it is motion sickness or anxiety. But I am willing to try anything. where does one buy a calming collar?

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Our annual Christmas trip is over so I thought I would offer some help to those owners who have trouble travelling with their little members of the family.

Dougy has been carsick just about anytime he was in the car - even trips of 15 minutes to the groomer would cause him to throw up. We thought it was motion sickness but feel it was a fear of the car (he is a very timid little fella) as he would start to salivate as soon as I put him on the seat. We travel for 550k every Christmas to spend it with family and tried everything - crate, no crate, on the floor, on the seat but each time I have had to force pills from the vet down his throat to stop him from being sick.

Finally my groomer suggested a "Thundershirt" so I got one to try. (Google it - I am sure they come from the USA) He didn't like it much - or his safety harness but we started with short trips of 10 minutes or so and gradually increased the trips to an hour over a couple of weeks. Results have been amazing - he now just lays on the back seat, glares at me for putting the harness on, sleeps, looks out the window, sleeps, and gives me the "are we there yet?" look every now and again. We stop ever 90 minutes for a pee and a run around and have no trouble getting him to jump back in the car.

But no throwing up, no salivating, no gulping - fantastic!

I paid about $50 here in Aus. for the Thundershirt but I couldn't give a hoot - the tablets were $40 and only did two trips - and I am not keen on filling him with drugs!

Give it a go, hopefully it will help.
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My Otis has always gotten car sick. He rides just fine in our rv, but in the car, he always got sick. Our final solution, was to just not feed him first thing in the mornings, and go for a ride. We did this constantly and usually had to clean up when we got home. We went on a few long trips, and, yep, had to clean up. So, we just kept on taking him constanly with us, and being happy and cheerful, and talking to him all the time. Well, He is 10 months old and he loves riding, and no more throwing up. In the beginning, we tried all the different ways of riding. In the crate, booster seat, laps, and by himself. It didnt matter. I think just taking him constantly riding did the trick. No, it isnt fun cleaning up, and bathing him each time, but, it was worth it. Good luck.
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This stuff works wonders and its all natural:

And you could also use in combination with Rescue Remedy or another calming treatment such as these chewable calming supplement:
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