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Mine's never needed a butt bath yet, but it's only a matter of when, not if. lol

Bobby at 6 months

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Halle will be a year old the end of this month - she did need a butt bath once, but so far that's it. However, she is still in her puppy coat and things may well change once she grows her adult coat. Thankfully her poops are usually hard and fall out of the hair - but they do stick a little bit (it's amazing to see her stop & poop, and then they just fall out of the hair as she walks afterwards).

Sara & GCH Halle
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I never even thought about what would cause a dogs poop to stick to his butt...LOL! I just assumed it was the hair being too long or poop too soft. All I can say is, another reason my guys are in a puppycut!!

Once in awhile I will see a little dinkle berry, but I'm not sure it's because of silky hair or not etc. Because my guys have very little hair back there. Also, Bella has a cottony thin coat, Scuds is silky silky not thin or not thick coat and Freddie's silky coat thicker coat than the others. They all get dinkle berries from time to time. Not one more than the other.

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Thanks for clarifying, I sort of read that like 'it happens because your dog has bad genes and hair' , I get defensive and oversensitive, I'm sorry for snapping at you. My apologies!

I think living in a windy area probably doesn't help too much, while it is more frequent with runny or loose stools, i've still had a few I've had to do with regular ones.

Turkey day is coming up and even the TINIEST bite of turkey gives her a blow out, every year I say I am not going to give her a taste and every year, I cave in and mix a wee bit in with her chicken...

I just know that with 7 kids, i've seen a whole lot worse than a smidgen smear of poop, I guess being a mom desensitizes us a bit to things deemed 'gross'. I am grateful she doesn't try to eat her own poo, that would skeeve me out a bit since she's always trying to kiss me or get close to

I do think Havanese are the smartest breed out there! and the cutest!
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Although Ted has only had a couple butt baths, I have used a comb to get a couple "hangers on". Ted can't handle eggs. We used to give our Scotty a little bit of egg on the weekends but Ted gets the runs when we have given them to him. Too much protein I guess

Lise and Ted
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Originally Posted by Thumper View Post
I do think Havanese are the smartest breed out there! and the cutest!
Um, DUH!

Bob, at a year old, already knows four or five toys by name. If you tell him to get Wylie (an old stuffed Wyle E. Coyote that was my daughter's years ago), or squeaky worm, or his ball, or BBD (big black dog, a Hav-sized stuffed dog some friends got me a year ago for Christmas after I lost my beloved Amber), he knows what those are. I think he also knows "flat bunny," a small stuffed bunny that has since gone "flat" due to his de-stuffing it.

Then to learn how to potty outside with the bell in a weekend, 36 whole hours, at 12 weeks -- yeah, they're smart. <puffs out chest>

Bobby at 6 months

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human digestive enzymes (any good health food store will have them, I like digest gold), will help your pup better digest the turkey. Ollie gets bad gas with beef. even a bite. so I give him a capsule with the beef. no gas.

it's the same concept as lactaid, but broad spectrum digestive enzymes. My big anatolian gal, Kara, she has a very senstive stomach, I think she internalizes her anxiousness. you just look at her cross eyed and she gets the runs. digestive enzymes have helped her a lot. also, Kara is my Giardia girl (had it twice), and before I got her tested, ofcourse I thought she just had the regular runs, and the digestive enzymes gave her firm poop. When I saw there was no improvement with the runs, I took a sample to the vet.

anyway, it's helped my dogs notably, and a few human friends too.

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Originally Posted by TilliesMom View Post

As for the velcro part, they just want to be with you. next to you, in the same room, near you... Tillie has this awesome way of shadowing me where I don't even realize she is there!! In fact I have paniced more than once because I didn't know where she was only to have my kids bust out laughing pointing at my feet. and there was Tillie. Looking at me like I was crazy.
SO true!!! I panic and exclaim "Where's Louis?!?!?" and my husband points to my feet and Louis is looking up at me so adoringingly. Or sometimes I "lose" him in the house and frantically yell for him and I can't find him cause he's right at my feet. I feel so silly sometimes.

My poodle is also a velcro dog (my cats are velcro too), so when I come out of the bathroom, I have two dogs waiting at the door and sometimes a cat. I have stepped on Louis a couple of times.

If I could do it again, I would have researched more in how mine was raised. I got him as an adult and figured he'd be good, but he does have some quirks. He is doing so much better now so I think he just needed the right home. The one thing I did know was that he was not potty trained, but I was prepared for it (although sometimes I did want to rip my hair out). I didn't realize how much I would enjoy the Run Like Hell antics.

When people are considering bigger non-shedding dogs like doodles, my husband always raves about poodles (we have a standard poodle), and if they are considering a small-medium dog, we suggest the Havanese. Typically people end up falling in love when they see pics of Louis and meeting him in person. It's fun when you meet a fellow Havanese owner cause there's lots to talk about!

The Babies!
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Oh! Hazard of having a shadow dog - I just stepped on my poor pup's paw as I was taking cookies out of the oven! He didn't realize I was going to move forward then backing up. Poor guy Luckily he wasn't upset or injured and I gave him cheese to make me feel less guilty.
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Had to put a bell on my Hav because he was always underfoot. At least I have some idea where he is now! Of course, I should always assume he's at my feet.......
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