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Originally Posted by MGMG View Post
Thank you for sharing. Trixie is now 4 mos 2 weeks and is doing super at her potty (house) training - just not 'nosing the bell'. She has had less than a handful of 'accidents' (no. 1 only) and never no.2 (very interesting - she is extremely predictable though). We trained ourselves to be so vigilant about bringing her out. The latest break through was her letting us know that she needed to go out by her sitting at the door. We have had the bells hanging there from the day we brought her home (at 8 weeks) and ring them for her (putting them to her nose gently)- she just doesn't do it. An earlier suggestion was to do it with treats. I admit I have not done that yet, but will. I like your suggestion as to putting the bell closer to where we are in the home - I have wondered if I would hear it from a distance away. Thanks!
I think when we started Bobby, we didn't really engage HIM with the bell as much as it was that WE rang it before he went outside (all the while saying, "Bobby have to go potty/outside?") and then ringing it again when we came back in saying, "Good boy for going potty/outside!" He doesn't so much ring it with his nose or foot as he rubs his body against it and then sits and waits for one of us to put his harness on. Like somebody else said, at least for NOW, we rarely ignore a bell ring -- even though more and more he does it at times because he's bored or wants to go outside and eat worms. LOL There have been a few times, maybe while eating dinner, that I've ignored him and told him to wait, especially if I know he went out not long before the ringing. If he's just bored, he'll let it go. Othertimes, however, he's been insistent -- and he's happily surprised me with a number 2.
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Again, many thanks to all for the very kind compliments regarding our Trixie. Our bell ringing training has been on sabbatical, but we will get back on it. I am fortunate that we have no 'accidents' in our home - I am super religious on taking her out. I have caught her in the good act of going to the door, just no bell ringing. All the stories of how everyone else has accomplished it are great and I appreciate them. Thank you!
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Trixie is such a beauty. I'm sure she will bring your family much joy. I have the bells on the back door but my troops don't really use them. They all let me know, sometimes quite vocally, when they have to go.
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Trixie is terrific!Love her colour,we seem to have be getting a few Chocolate Hav pups on the forum recently,I love them.Looking forward to hearing more about her and seeing more pics please.
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She is so adorable!

San and Bella
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Sorry I missed this. Trixie is absolutely beautiful and you take great pictures. Welcome.

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Welcome! I just love her name!!! Can't wait to see more pictures.
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Trixie is beautiful! You have so much fun ahead of you. Enjoy!

Rudi is bell trained. He is 6 1/2 months. From the first time we took him out, we touched the bells with his paw, then took him out. He only rings the bell to go potty. I think this is because we use another door to take him out for any other reason, such as a walk or outing. I hope that once we start playing in the back yard he doesn't decide to start ringing the bells just to play outside. It wouldn't surprise me. Havanese are so smart.

Hang in there. I am sure Tricks will catch on.
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