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Oh poor guy
I understand and feel for you. We/Bucky had a very bad experience over the summer. It's still growing out.
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OMG. He looks so sad! Did you have any pictures of what your FIL did? I would be furious with both people involved. ((((((Hugs)))))) to you! Give your baby lots of love and attention. What right did your FIL have to even does your baby's hair? He owes you big time!

Dexter & Jack
"One Hav is NOT enough to enjoy the RLH skills!"
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awww I know how you feel. This happened to Bear, once....and then I learned my lesson. Shower him with love and he'll be just fine <3 ....however, I would def. let it be known that the cut was *not* acceptable.
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I am so sorry this happened to you!!! I would be furious with my FIL - NO ONE touches my dogs's hair but me. And I'd be so livid if a groomer did this to my dog. I'm just trying to figure out, did your FIL cut a lot of hair on one side, and that is what possessed the groomer to "even it out?" Sadly, he doesn't look like a westie, or a poodle, or a havanese. This is just a bad job. I know they say the difference in a bad haircut and a good one is at least a week, so I hope the hair grows back in time. So sorry this happened!!
The Babies!
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Man oh man! We have seen some wonderful groom jobs on this forum. And we have seen some horrendous ones. Sadly, and I am not saying this to deliberately hurt your feelings, but this has to be one of the worst. I, too, hope this alleged groomer wasn't paid. And I hope something was said to her. I guess lesson learned. When going to a groomer, take photos and written instructions, make sure they are understood, and no compensation when something like this is the result. This person cannot possibly be a trained groomer? Thank goodness hair grows - maybe in time for photos next year? Yikes.
Linda, Augie & Finn's Mom
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Maybe he can wear a little Santa hat in the picture!!! I can just imagine how your feel, though but I think I would smack the FIL.........haha
Kathie, Abby & McGee's Mom
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Buzzys Mom
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Thanks everyone. My FIL used to groom their toy poodle, so he thought he was helping. The problem is that he has a non-functioning arm, and his other hand was recently injured so he thought he could do it, but stopped when he realized he couldn't. He didn't do too bad of a job considering, but the unevenness was in the beard, not the mustache. He had only cut the front of it, and had left the back of his beard longer figuring I would fix it later (he said Buzzy was getting water all over the house from drinking, and in fairness he was due for a face trim). BUT, I expected the groomer to just even that out and make the mustache match (since it was a little longer in the back too). What she did is a hatchet job all over.
My DH picked him up and I was in a meeting so I couldn't take his calls. Not only did he pay her, but he tipped her 20% thinking that I asked her to do this. His first question to me was: Why did you pay someone to do this to him when you do a much better job? I just hope it grows out fast (although, I bet it will take FOREVER). I can't believe this woman is a professional! Next time I will find the time to groom him properly. Please send Buzzy hair growing vibes! And some more pics (the first one of what Buzzy SHOULD look like (cut short), the next 2 taken yesterday, and the final of Oscar (gratuitous puppy pic).
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Like someone else posted, give him lots of loving so that he doesn't think you are upset with HIM.

How infuriating of the "groomer" to have done that!!
Sheri, Tucker's Mom
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Oscar is darling. Gratuitous puppy photos are always allowed!

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Sending hair growing vibes. ( I lost my hair to chemo, and it grew back - in fact, it is below my waist. ) An elf hat would be cute!

Starr in NorCal
Mom to Buffy & Buster
Havanese Rescue - won't you join us?

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