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Ooooohhh poor thing! That must have been a shock that cold water. I am glad everyone, son included is ok.
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OMG Kara. Just glad everyone is ok.

Kodi & Shelby's Mom and Julian's Grandma
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Momo means Peach
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Poor Gucci, that must have been scary for her. I'm glad that both your son and she made it okay.
Donnie, Momo and Ume's mom and loving it!

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oh my gosh what a horrible Tuesday!!
I am so thankful Gucci and your son are okay!!!
Tammy and Tillie
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I am also glad to hear that your son and Gucci are OK, Kara!
Linda, Augie & Finn's Mom
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Glad everyone is ok. You need to go to a spa and have a nice massage!
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So glad to hear Gucci is fine, I adore her on this forum, ad your son too!
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Rosie hates the pool, but I put her in it when she was a puppy and called her to the steps. She learned real fast how to get out. But she does hate it. I have taught my chickens how to get out also. My poor MIL got all excited last year trying to get a hen out of the pool. I hated to tell her that the hen could swim like a duck and knew where the steps were. It may seem cruel to put one in the pool and make them get out by themselves, but drowned dog is worse. But the really good news is that your son is fine. I couldn't imagine losing one of my children. Actually it was a really good day if you will think about it.
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I've also given my Havs "swim lessons" which they don't appreciate but makes me feel better that they'll know how to get out if they accidentally fall in the pool. In fact, during a particularly exciting chase a month or so ago Kiki and Kai ran out the kitchen door and Kai ended up taking a dip by the pool steps. Naturally this event occurred about a day after I had given him a bath.
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Thanks everyone!

I have given her lessons a handful of times and showed her where the steps were at, but she was trying to get out where the deep end skimmer was (NOT GOOD)

SOme freinds of mine lost their dog this year, French bulldog, fell in the pool and drowned while they were out of town (They put a doggie door in so they could go in and out as they pleased) they now bought one of those gate things from Frontgate, like a huge xpen to put around the pool, we will have to do something this year, I am going to look into the plastic ones, maybe that would be easier for her to remember to get out if this ever were to happen again.

Just goes to show you that you still have to keep an eye on them even when they are 5-6-7...10 years old they still need to be watched and protected like toddlers

I have a pic of my son's car; If I would've snapped a picture of Gucci wet after the incident, she was sitting on the bedroom floor looking up at me with these sad/ ashamed/ embarrassed eyes, like not sure if she was in trouble or not because my husband was so upset and I was so upset and I know she sensed the fear and adrenaline...but overall, I'd say she was just embarrassed. (And yes, I do think dogs feel embarrassment and more emotions than happy and fear, atleast Gucci does)

He says he feels dumb and that he thought only 'dumb people get into wrecks", sigh. He's certainly not dumb and the most cautious driver out of my 4 kids that drive, so that's no guarantee either.

I'm just glad my oldest son got home from Virginia Tech yesterday un harmed and safely, its funny how after bad things happen, you really start to appreciate the little 'good' things that you may take for granted otherwise...Thanksgiving day lesson!!

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