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That is great that you can afford it! Fortunately, we have never had a problem with any spay or neuter over the 40+ years we've had dogs. Can't wait to hear how it goes!
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If I ever have another female dog that needs a spay this would be the way I go, my two females both had spays before I got them and both had healing issues. Khloe still is very cautious of having her tummy touched. I have been told it eliminates spay incontinence as well as faster healing and less trauma.
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Originally Posted by apololaceymom View Post
Lacey is scheduled for her spay 11/23, she is 15 months and has had one heat cycle.
One of the women at our agility class had her dog (a havanese mix) done laproscopically, and gave me the vet's name.
I am very excited about this, but wonder if anyone here had it done.
They only remove the ovaries, and leave the uterus. I was concerned about cancer, and pyometra, and was assured that after the ovaries are removed, there is little to no risk of this, as the hormones are gone.
There are only 2 TINY incisions made, and the ovarian ligaments are cut from the uterine wall, rather than torn from the wall in a traditional spay. This causes much less brusising and pain. The recovery time is much faster and less painful.
I am hoping someone else here has had this done and can pass on some information on how it went!!
Being a nurse, I know how great it is for our human pts. and I actually had laproscopic surgery myself, and was back to work in 2 weeks... very little pain!
I've read quite a bit about this type of spay, and if I had a girl, this is what I'd want done. I haven't read any down-side to it, just positives. I think we are going to see more and mor vets going to this method.
Karen & Kodi
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Lacey had her spay done yesterday, she was home a few hours after the surgery. She does not seem to be in much pain, and it's very hard to keep her downl.
So far I am very happy I did it this way!! No stitches, 5-7 days rest, 2 weeks for agility.
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Originally Posted by Tom King View Post
We have had such good success, and no problems (other than keeping them from playing when they come back), that I wouldn't change how we have it done. Our Vet is very experienced, has never lost a dog, does a small incision, recovery is a non-issue, and cost is less than a hundred dollars. I think the total cost for the last one was $80.
I wish your vet lived here I was quoted about 300 each with blood work. I had them all ready to go last summer when they came into heat. I would love to afford to have their spay be done laproscopically.
I'm impressed by how it looks after.
Maddie at 5mo old
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