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Originally Posted by sprorchid View Post
human digestive enzymes (any good health food store will have them, I like digest gold), will help your pup better digest the turkey. Ollie gets bad gas with beef. even a bite. so I give him a capsule with the beef. no gas.

it's the same concept as lactaid, but broad spectrum digestive enzymes. My big anatolian gal, Kara, she has a very senstive stomach, I think she internalizes her anxiousness. you just look at her cross eyed and she gets the runs. digestive enzymes have helped her a lot. also, Kara is my Giardia girl (had it twice), and before I got her tested, ofcourse I thought she just had the regular runs, and the digestive enzymes gave her firm poop. When I saw there was no improvement with the runs, I took a sample to the vet.

anyway, it's helped my dogs notably, and a few humand friends too.
What is weird is that I am the same way, I completely internalize my emotions, I get nauseous when I'm nervous, emotions can give me headaches and lupus flares, there is a big connection with mind and body with me and Gucci is the same way, I wish I had the ability to compartmentalize! lol I wish it were a choice or learned behavior that could be changed, but it is what it is I guess. I hope I didn't teach her nervous tummy tumbles...haha

Oh! Hazard of having a shadow dog - I just stepped on my poor pup's paw as I was taking cookies out of the oven! He didn't realize I was going to move forward then backing up. Poor guy Luckily he wasn't upset or injured and I gave him cheese to make me feel less guilty.
One of my really good friends who got a havanese, her husband actually tripped and fell in the kitchen and hurt his leg BADLY, they almost had to amputate it (one of the vets had advised them to, but they chose surgery) and his leg (the back one) is a few inches shorter and he had to have intensive surgery and couldn't walk/run play for several months afterwards and that was very hard for them to go through. This happened a few months after they got him, just a little puppy..and he was underfoot in the kitchen waiting for a goodie to fall

you have to be so much more mindful with velcro dogs, even spilling coffee..

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I'm very fortunate in that my velcro Maltese is VERY aware of people's feet. Always has been as far back as I remember. The only thing that can trip him up is people who, for whatever reason, step backwards because he knows it's not the normal order of things. When you're that little, it's always smart (when they get old enough to reason) to learn how to stay out of tall people's way.
Bobby at 6 months

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I've changed my behavior. when I'm wondering where my little guy is, I stand still and look 360 degrees around me first. always he is within a 1/2 step of me.
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Miss Paige
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My two are not under foot so much in the kitchen-that's cause The Princess is Too Busy laying on the couch-watching the street for anything that moves so she can sound the alarm. Rom is outside a lot-watching from his guard post at the fence-then he runs in to join Paige on the couch. I have to agree-I have not taken a shower alone in 6 years-they seem to think that the bathroom will capture me if they don't push the door open & lay near. Butt baths are a norm here-Paige is in long coat and sometimes she has loose stool-depending on her diet-and at times there a dingleberries that she sits on while I am trying to get them off-Tula on the other hand is always under foot-I get up she gets up-I go to the kitchen-bathroom-you name it and she is my shadow. But I would never go back to not having a Havie.
Pat-humom to
Miss Paige
Mr Roman
Ms Tula (for as long as she needs)
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I probably already posted, but I was going through the posts again and this came to my mind.

1. Be prepared to pay some money for your Hav and not even think twice about it!

2. Your Hav will CHANGE your way of life! Because now, your Hav is your life!

3. You will spend more on your Hav than you do yourself!

Dexter & Jack
"One Hav is NOT enough to enjoy the RLH skills!"
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Originally Posted by HavaneseSoon View Post
3. You will spend more on your Hav than you do yourself!
So true!
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My guys used to wear bells too! They've learned to watch people feet. They usually get out of the way now.....

Last night I was doing dishes and dropped a large knife on the floor. It was like slow motion as I'm watching the knife fall and seeing Scudder glued to my side! Thank God it missed him!

I also spend more money on my dogs than myself So guilty there!
Linda, Bella 10 yrs old, Freddie 9 yrs old, & Scudder 8 yrs old
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Just wanted to add my two cents here and say I really wish I'd read the red flags to look for in a breeder and what questions to ask posts before I'd made a commitment. Knowing what I know now, I might have made a different decision, but I certainly wouldn't trade Freddie for anything! I just imagine things might have gone a little differently with a different breeder.
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Good point, good breeders interview you thoroughly, almost like a background check CIA style. If they don't ask you questions, about your house, your family, family habits... other dogs and pets in the household, and if the breeder doesn't do a temperament test on the puppies, go else where.
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