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Dave T
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Eddie, here I thought we had another guy hav owner. Don't appreciate the spam. though.
Dave and Molly
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I just bought Brody's Christmas gifts today. I swear, it's KILLING me not to give him the toy. I want to see if he likes it! I got him that hide-a-squirrel toy and then a package of freeze dried beef liver (which I know he'll love) and a package of freeze dried cheddar cheese (I'll be shocked if he doesn't like that).
Tracy and Brody

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Jen, Timmy and Mae
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I just got off the phone with my MIL. I buy my daughter's presents for her since she's not too mobile and I have better luck buying them what they want (sometimes ). They are local and we usually go over and spend Sunday afternoons at their house, Timmy LOVES them and they love him! They refer to Timmy as their grand-dog. Anyway, she wants me to go and buy Timmy a bed, food/water bowls and some other incidentals for the holidays to keep at thier house so he's more comfortable when he's over there. How cute is that? Should I be worried that he might be missing when we leave? Timmy and I have been visiting my aunt and uncle too, they are quite smitten with him and they asked me what he wanted for Christmas. I'd say between the two of them I have dog sitters, but I can only imagine what they would feed him or what they would let him get into.
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Are you kidding? I have 4 married children and 12 grandchildren tweo neices one MIL One grandson getting married, and a SIL to buy for. Rosie and Jethro don't know the difference. Actually I don't buy for any of them anymore. The last two years I have slughtered two angus cows and distributed to all. The little kids get something though. The two cows cost more than I would spend in gifts, but I have the fun in raising them. Actually I was hoping that the Mayan thing would come to pass Friday so I wouldn't have to go to my MIL's Sat for her Christmas dinner. The absolute worse cook in the world.. I am kidding about the Mayan thing, but not MIL's Cooking.
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