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What is the most expensive thing your Hav has destroyed/eaten?
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What is the most expensive thing your Hav has destroyed/eaten?

Last night Murphy chewed up my daughter's retainer. The replacement cost is $75 which is the most expensive item to date that he has got his little teeth on.

The retainer was in my 15 year old daughter's room on her nightstand. My husband decided that her room was too warm with the door closed and was trying to even out the heat on the upper level of the house. Rather than attaching the dog gate to her doorway he just leaned it up against it. Well, my daughter's room looks lke Disneyland/Doggie Wonderland/Holy Grail of doggy items to Murphy and he made his way in. Normally he gets socks and makes a mad dash to the dining room with them. I was in my office and heard a strange crunching sound. Went into her room and there Murphy was on the bed happily munching away

He normally does not destroy too many things. He did have a dislike of the book Animal Farm that my daughter was reading for school. Fist he got a hold of the book and chewed the corners of all the pages. Then he found her rough draft of her paper and tore it up. My furry little book critic

Now people will understand why we have the ex-pen around the Christmas Tree as nothing is really safe. And my husband learned you always need to attach the gate, not just lean it up

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bras and underwear, when he was a pup. maybe $100 worth.

my other boy pup. he ate my new leather couch. $1800.
forgot my other boy pup also ate a leather recliner $600.

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oh no Murphy..you didn't!! It's a good thing you are so cute!! ( I say we blame the whole thing on your husband)
Whimsy has not destroyed anything to date..but she lives in a house with no children and a retired woman ( me) who is with her all the time. She never had a chance to get into mischef as a pup even if she was inclined to do so.
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I am a dental hygienist and I have heard many stories over the years of dogs destroying retainers, night guards and dentures. They seem to be especially attracted to them.
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Henry's Humon Kordelia
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Henry chewed the plastic part of my eyeglasses at one point. It was my fault because I left them where he could get them.
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He chewed through the wire that connects my external hard drive to my computer. It wasn't expensive. He isn't particularly destructive with things. Even when he gets my bras, etc....he doesn't wreck them...he nibbles and licks and rolls on them. He has never destroyed a toy or anything. In that way, I guess I've been lucky.
Tracy and Brody

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.
- Josh Billings
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Rosie chewed my glasses and then later her daddys. Now I had a cat once tat broke a $450 wavecrest antique dish and flowblue plates. So far Jethro has only destroyed a couple of house plants.
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Mine have clawed and ruined a $600 chair. My new couch only had it for two days . My friend gave it to me and it was his mothers then his family couch it probably lasted 20 years and was in great condition before ( who knows who clawed it. ) Maddie will do that sort of thing if a toy is wedged in a corner or cushion. And just recently Zoey had taken a liking to my antique Eastlake spoon carved bed. She got confused and thought my foot board was a chew toy. I payed $500 when I was 20 years old. Their has been a few shoes and glasses too.
Maddie at 5mo old
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Unfortunately, with the peeing issues we are having right now, Mopsy decided to relieve herself on a 100% hand hooked rug tht my late Mom and I had made together. A professional rug cleaner will not touch it because it is hand knotted. My only choice is to wait until spring when I can simply soak it in a deodorizer and then woolite and cold water...and maybe in a deodorizer again.., and let it dry outside for days and days! Gee, do you think it WILL come clean after drying for months??
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Tyler, at the age of 14, chewed and destroyed my glasses, every part but the lenses, to the tune of $400. I don't ever remember him destroying anything as a puppy, though. Whatever possessed him in his old age?

Mary and Tyler (miss you, Bailey - 1996-2011)
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