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Learning not to be paranoid!
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Learning not to be paranoid!

Hi again! I've asked a few health questions here and there about Pickles, my 8.5 month old Hav. I'm a paranoid girl; if I think something is wrong, I immediately make a vet appointment. And I should note that Pickles is and has always been in perfect health.

So last night, we were concerned about his eye. He was squinting a lot, and it was quite red. My boyfriend teased me about being too protective until he took a closer look at P's eye - it was quite red and inflamed, and he thought it was scratched. (We have a cat). So we went straight to the emergency vet.

Turns out there was nothing wrong, aside from some irritation from dirt. My boyfriend had seen the inner eyelid and mistook it for a gash in his eye. We were quite relieved, and Pickles' eye is looking much better.

My question is this: how do you avoid being over protective with your pups? Pickles is so important to me, so I find myself worrying over small things. Does anyone else find themselves doing this, or am I just too protective of my lil man?
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I cooled down after enormous vet bills when nothing was wrong. Now I make myself wait at least until morning.
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wait until morning and most things settle down! We don't have an emergency clinic so I have to wait until morning. I have called the on call vet a couple times and he's reassured me that I could wait and then in the morning all is better. Try waiting a little longer next time, you'll save some $$$. Your vet must love you; you're single-handedly keeping them in business!

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You will calm down after awhile, I have found that I become super viglant the first few months they come home, after a major illiness, and when they are elderly. It is normal and you sound like a good pet parent it takes awhile for us humans to build a comfort level and that feeling is different for each pet. You will get there, I am very happy to hear your pup is fine.
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