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Originally Posted by Ewokpup View Post
I thought that might be it, but one time it was while I was taking a shower and she escaped into the den...not the hall where the bathroom is. Don't think she even tried to get to where I was. She headed for the room with the sofa (which she wasn't allowed on by herself until about a month ago), her daytime dog bed, her carrier (she likes to hang out in it), lots of toys, things she is allowed to chew, a little doggy igloo she hides things in, the children's monkey pillow she loves, and the hard sided pet carrier that she sometimes will play in. All the kitchen has for her is water, food at meal times, her crate with sometimes a toy or chewie (when we leave her in there, but not necessarily all the time...she likes to transfer things around), the blanket in her crate, and her radio that is on when we leave the house.

So while there could be some separation issues going on, I think it's more of 'hey if they are leaving or really want me to stay put they put me in the crate. No one put me in the crate, so why do I need to be in here when all the fun stuff is out there.' I think perhaps the couch potato has separation issues from the sofa. ;-)

That's good to hear! hav's can be such worry warts, great to know she is confident!
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Yesterday morning my husband put her bed and toys in the kitchen and put the curtain to the den now (long velvety type) so she can't see into the den and climbing/jumping over is more difficult. When I woke up, there she was, sitting in her warm bed with all her toys.

She does seem to I guess be entering into the second fear imprint period. She barks when ups comes to the door. I hope she doesn't get nervous at the airport.
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Barking at the UPS guy doesn't NECESSARILY mean fear... Kodi always "alert barks" at the UPS or mail truck in the driveway. But as soon as I go to the door, he stops. He's actually very friendly with delivery people... he just wants to make sure I know someone's on the property!
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