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Sonic and Aries
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I work 9 hours a day plus about an hour commute each way (but do have the option to work from home 1-2 days a week). My husband works a swing shift (either afternoon or midnight) where he does 10-12 hour days for 7 straight then has 7 days off. I end up not seeing my hubby on the days he works, but this shift does allow us to only leave the 'kids' home alone during the day a max of 4.5-5 hours most of the time. There are the occasional times when it would be longer and I always try to schedule a work at home day if I know ahead of time (and have been know to take leave in the afternoon if I feel like its been too long for them). They have an expen set up with their crate, food, water, toys and some special treat when we leave them.

There have been the occasional longer days, but I think the maximum we have left them is 7 hours. And wether its been 7 hours or 10 minutes they are both soo excited when we come in the door.

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I get to bring my little guy to work with me.... once a week!

I have other dogs, so they keep each other company while I'm gone. My youngest dog, who's 2.5 yrs old, he still goes a little apesh!t if I'm gone more than 9 hours. it's like the witching hour, if I'm not home by 4 pm.

I think my little guy, is fine as long as he's with his pack. To be honest, I think I'm more attached to him than he is to me lol!
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My parents live w/ me and my mother works part time (my father 3rd shift so he isn't able to help much). The most Bear ends up in his crate is a 3 hour stretch about once a week....

I give major kudos to my mother who helps w/ Bear on an almost daily basis. I work full time and leave at 6:30am each morning -he usually doesn't even eat his breakfast by then; I don't know how I'd do it w/ out my mom!
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Thanks for sharing your situations everyone. I agree that your life does change when you add one of these little guys to your family. I am not a morning person and never thought I would get up early just to have some play time before leaving work. I stay home a lot more now instead of going out so I don't have to leave my puppy.

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