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Originally Posted by Atticus View Post
If there was a My Havanese is smarter than a Border Collie bumper sticker I'd have it on my car. My last dog WAS a Border Collie! Atticus has shown me so much brain power so many times and I am, still astounded!
And they have the added advantage of not being as OCD as Border Collies!!!
Karen, Kodi & Pixel
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I love these stories! I am sure my dog has been trying to communicate with me many times that I have been too dense to figure out, but we are still learning one another's ways. I had to laugh about Tom's story re: Frolic choosing a sweater. One thing Benjamin does get across quite clearly is that he really doesn't care to wear clothes very much! Whenever I get out his raincoat or warm winter jacket and start to put it on him, if I'm not fast enough he will grab it and run to hide it under the bed. He knows I can't reach things under there, and that I have to go and get a broom if I want to get it out. In the end he will accept having the jackets on, which I only use if it is particularly cold or rainy, but it just cracks me up when he does this. It's like he's saying "Aw mom, do I really have to wear a jacket today?" Yes Benjamin, you do. "Aww, alright". :-D I sure do love that little guy.
-- Eileen
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Great stories, Karen and Tom! Augie is one who stares. Finn is more in your face - no question what he is trying to say. And as smart as I think both of them are, I have my doubts whether either one could tell me they wanted to wear a sweater and then choose the one they preferred!
Linda, Augie & Finn's Mom
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Love your story, Tom. Frolic sounds like quite the fashionista!

Mary (miss you, Bailey-1996-2011 and Tyler-1997-2015)
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Wow, there are some really smart dogs here. As well as their hu-parents. Momo will stare and stare (like right now, as I'm writing this). Oftentimes I have no clue. Ume is very vocal so I can usually guess.

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