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Thanks for asking, Michelle. I'm doing fine, now, but I was kind of a wreck the first night. Benjamin actually did really well. He whimpered and panted a little, but not too bad, and even so it broke my heart that he was in any pain at all. Wow, it seems kind of nuts to feel so intensely about a little dog, but what can I say (?)

Well, I know it's true that they live in the moment. This has it's plusses and minuses. One minus is that he is not impressed when I tell him that he can go back to play with his friends after a week, but not now. I see what everyone means that the hard part will be to keep him still! We have been doing short walks, but I don't turn him loose to run like I usually do. When we got back from our walk this afternoon, as soon as I got the leash off of him he began running around the house like a madman, before I could stop him! Oh well, he seems none the worse for it.

As far as the cone thing -- I can't believe the vet says to leave it on for 10 days. Who is going to do that, just for neutering. No one I know! Of course I want to do what is best for my dog, so I bought one of those "comfort cones", and also a little doggie onesie. When I first took him home I didn't put anything on him, I just watched him carefully, and he didn't try to lick the incision at all. He did lick it once or twice later in the evening, so I put the cone on him. He didn't really like it, of course, but tolerated it, but I ended up taking it off later and he didn't lick again. I put the little yellow onesie on him the next day (yesterday), and it was great except for one thing. It did fit him perfectly, he had no objection to wearing it, and it looked very cute, of course. But... he is trained indoor and outdoor pottying, but not for letting me know when he has to go. I am used to taking him out for walks several times a day, but don't think about it when we are in the house, because if I am too lazy to get him out in time he just goes on the potty pad. With the onesie on, obviously he can't just run around in the house with it on, without my having to pay attention to when he might have to go again. Also, he's built pretty low to the ground, so even though you can unsnap it so he can potty, but underside of it got a little splashed with mud when we went outside. Aside from these little drawbacks, though, I think the onesie is a great option as an alternative to the cone, even the comfy cone. The dog seems very comfortable with it, so if he were licking a lot I would just keep it on him and be sure I took him out to potty often enough.

Also, the vet was so nice to me, calling me at noon and very reassuring. When I went to pick him up, he was quite alert and happy to see me, and didn't seem distressed at all. The vet tech said he had endeared himself to all of the staff. He didn't cry and was very sweet and cooperative. Awww -- sounds like a few more folks will be wanting to get a Hav! :-)

Anyhow -- all of this is to say that I am very relieved that it is over and am very happy with how things turned out. Now that the darkest night has passed I am looking forward to long evening walks with my dog, before too very long. I very much appreciate all of the knowledge and support of all of the people on these forums, it is amazing. Thank you very much!

-- Eileen
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