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I hope you find a vet you love and trust. I heart our vet, and you can just tell how much he cares about my dogs.
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The allegations could be false as well. You'll never know. I would get the titers; she is probably protected even with watered down vaccine.

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I'll let everyone know what happens.
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Originally Posted by Tuss View Post
The allegations could be false as well. You'll never know. I would get the titers; she is probably protected even with watered down vaccine.
That was my thought too. By this point, whether she got watered down vaccine or none at all, she may have had enough natural exposure, especially being in and out of a grooming salon regularly, that she may very well have built up plenty of immunity on her own.

The other weird thing is that this happened at Banfield. In a private practice, I could see how an unethical vet could save some money by either not giving or diluting vaccines. But I suspect that Banfield vets are on payroll. In which case, what's the incentie? Also, in all the practices I've been to, it's is more often techs that give the actual injections, just like it's usually a nurse who does it at the pediatricians office. The whole thing is strange.
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Originally Posted by krandall View Post
I'd like to further explain what I said. While I know there are certainly some politics involved, there are at the top of ANY sport, I did NOT meant that Hannah's mom should have a pro handle her because of political reasons. I know LOTS of owner/breeders who have put their titles on their own dogs doing all their own handling. BUT it takes time and experience to know how to show a dog to best advantage. It also takes time and experience to get over "show ring nerves"... and those nerves telegraph INSTANTLY to your dog, making him or her less likely to behave the way you want them to. Pros have that experience. Likewise, pros know how to groom and present a dog in a way that is best going to catch the judge's eye. I suspect that is NOT a problem Hannah's mom has, but you have said many times that you struggled with it.

Hannah's mom said that Hannah doesn't walk well with her in the ring. You've said the same about Zoey. There is NOTHING "political" about that... if the dog doesn't behave, it is hard for the judge to do THEIR job. Manners count, and so does grooming. THIS is the reason, IMO, it can make sense to have a pro handle your dog.
For some reason my posts are being miss read . As I have said I'm bad at writing. I was just stating my views on showing. I have no problem with anyone hiring a handler. They diffidently have a huge advantage over a novice and also experienced owner handlers. That's the politics I was talking about. I went to two conformation classes a week for about a year. Her trainers tried so many different ways to get her to walk. I probably should have kept up with them and by now Zoey and I would be trained. She did have one nice walk and It felt really good. The main reason I quit was a financial reason. So I stopped because of the cost to hire a handler.I was told by many members of my Havanese club that she would finish.
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