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LOL. Too many funny comments on my sweater buying!!! They are hard to resist, especially her new ones!

I don't think a dog will whine or cry when they are cold. My guys will just shiver. Bella shivers if the temperature drops under 70 degrees!

Laurie, if you keep you bedroom at 60, I think Laila could use a sweater. She is so skinny and small. Sometimes, I can't see them shiver, but if I touch their legs, I can feel it.

I read if a dog is cold, they will often curl up like the picture above and tuck their nose into their fur.

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On the few occasions that he is actually cold at night, Ceylon will burrow under the covers. Mostly he prefers to be on top of the covers, even when it's chilly enough in the room to make me shiver if I am not burrowed under lol. I guess I figure two things: 1) dogs are generally more resilient than us frail humans, and 2) Cey, at least, will either a) do something about it, or b) let me know, if it really is too cold for him .
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