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I bet you could. I use a whitening shampoe on Zoey and I'm sure some gets on her black . I try to just use it on her face and paws and back end.
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I think I'm going to try it. Parts of Lily's black are also gray- more like a tri color. I was worried it would fade Max's tan coat- but it's not like it will hurt them, so I'll try it.
I always had big dogs that didn't need this type of grooming until just recently- so I am still learning how to deal with these coats!
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Originally Posted by Nikita View Post
Thanks- great suggestions to try. I want to try a whitening shampoo on Misty, who is white with just a little silver in her ears, so that should be fine. But- has anyone used whitening shampoos with dogs that are light colored, or partially white? Is it OK to use? I thought it might also help lighten their coats, but would it fade instead?

I posted a pic of my 3 dogs. Misty and Lily (the white one and the black and white one) are part Havanese...or at least I think Misty is, Lily's DNA test showed she was- however reliable that is! Anyways- they both have the Havanese coat. Maxie (the tan dog)has Poodle hair.

Can I use a whitening product on all of them? Lily has a lot of white. Or maybe a product that is for "lightening" would be better for Max and Lily?
I have used Biogroom Super White or CC White on White for every single bath Kodi has had since bringing him home. I can't speak to other whitening shampoos, but those two are perfectly fine for the colored areas too. They don't bleach the coat, they just use bluing to neutralize yellowing. Kodi's black is still black, even with regular use of whitening shampoo!
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Thanks- that's very helpful. I see both Amazon and Pet Edge carry Bio Groom. I'm going to give it a try
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