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Keeping my fingers crossed that her back was the issue. Did the vet indicate that it could slip back out of position (or whatever was wrong with it)? I sure hope not. But things are sure looking up for Miss Tillie!
Pat - AKA Kallie's & Abby's mom
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Don't know why it didn't register before I posted earlier, but my DH had very bad pain in his legs for months and was sent by his PCP for PT. Instead of getting better, he began to get worse - could barely walk without severe pains in his legs and had to stop driving. After several months, he was seen by a NP, as the doc couldn't see him that day, and it was the best thing that happened because she suggested an MRI which showed he had several herniated discs in L5 with nerve compression. When the neurosurgeon saw him, one of the questions he asked was whether he had any incontinence as that was a symptom of this back problem. Luckily he did 't but had surgery and has been back to normal again.
Maybe that will be the route of all of Tillie's problems too. I hope that's the answer for her and she recovers as DH did. Just my two cents after the light dawned on Marblehead.

Mary and Tyler (miss you, Bailey - 1996-2011)
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I hope they can solve this mystery soon!
Beth, Pixie Puff and MiG too
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yes, ironic thing is, I actually had surgery on my L, 3,4,5 discs nearly 10 yrs ago!
Like mother, like dog.

Linda, I never knew Bella had back problems!? I'd love to hear her story!!
Tammy and Tillie
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Great that you finally figured out the source (hopefully)!
*Christina* *ELOISE*
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Good news!! glad everything seems to be working out for Tillie. Hope she continues to improve and you can put all this behind you!! What a relief to have her getting back to her old self!
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Old 01-15-2013, 07:33 PM   #17
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Oh I hope this is the answer.
Missy, Jasper & Cash
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Brady's mom
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Sounds like she is feeling better already. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will solve the problem and Tillie will be good as new

**Karen, Mom to Brady, Dugan, and Devon
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Wow, Tammy, that is a surprising outcome. I didn't even know that there were doggie chiropractors, though it makes sense that they could have back problems just like us. I really hope that this is the turning point, and that Tillie, and you, will finally get some relief from all of the stress and pain and worry. Well, I'm sure you've been worrying, but that is one advantage that dogs have over us -- they do not worry. :-)
-- Eileen
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Tammy, I hope that the back issue is the root of this problem, that it has been found, addressed, and that she will continue to feel much better!

As a side note, I know chiropractic treatment helped a young boy who was having bed-wetting problems. He was taken in for an adjustment for something else--and the bed-wetting stopped.
Sheri, Tucker's Mom
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