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She is the perfect companion.
Maddie at 5mo old
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Originally Posted by Chica'sMom View Post
Can't believe Chica is 10 months old today! She was born March 28 and came to live with me on June 9. There have been sooooo many changes over the past months. I absolutely LOVE this age. She's such a good girl. Calm most of the time, impish enough so as to be amusing, not annoying, very smart and very funny. I have a cuddle bug. She loves snuggling with her mom. I'm an avid reader so that works out great. This past week I had the flu and wondered how taxing it would be to try and get better and look after her. She was no problem at all. A month or two ago, she would have been demanding and attempting to have me play toys with her. Now she grabs her toy and does her own thing with it. Her fav thing to do is to put her tennis ball into a tight space where she can't reach and then try to get it out. She has her fav places - between the fridge and the wall, or under the computer desk or behind the water cooler. It cracks me up to watch her toss the ball in there and then attempt to get it out. After 10 or 15 minutes it's mom to the rescue. She hasn't had an accident in the house in a couple of months. She gives me the stare down when she wants out. She also 'talks' to me when she wants my attention. She doesn't bark, she makes this funny little noise that reserved for me. I love it. She's still a wee little thing, haven't had her weighed in a while but she's around 7 pounds. I adore this little creature.
It IS a great age, when you start to be able to just enjoy them, rather than feeling like a full-time care giver! ...And we remember that we really were looking for a dog and COMPANION for the next 15 or so years. Puppies are adorable, (which is what allows them to survive...) but I, also, REALLY enjoy my DOG!

Chica is adorable, and I'm so glad she was a good nurse for you while you were sick!
Karen & Kodi
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lol, yay for Chica!!
Along the same lines, I remember being SO sick with brochitis and a double ear infection (the same week I lost my dad.) about a month after we brought Tillie home. I vividly remember calling my husband from the pharmacy sobbing because I was SO tired and I just wanted to go home and DIE. but I couldn't because Tillie was there... and she would be ready to PLAY... sigh. Fast forward 2 1/2 yrs.. I have been throwing up since 4am (it's now 10:30 and slowing down!) and Tillie would peek her nose in and leave me alone... she didn't even climb up on me in bed, just layed by my feet.... she KNEW I was sick and was visibly concerned, but knew enough to let me rest. When I finally got up and into my recliner she came up for a gooooood, long snuggle/belly rub letting me know she missed me and is glad I'm feeling better. now she is asleep on my legs. lol
Love these sensitive little furballs!
Tammy and Tillie
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Kallie is 9 1/2 months & weighing in at about 12 lbs. She's such a big girl now! Settled down so much. I agree, Karen, I don't feel like I have a baby anymore. She absolutely NEVER gets into anything. She has about a zillion toys, but she loves DH's empty water bottles. He puts the cap on really tight & it only takes her a few minutes to get it off. After fishing the cap out of her mouth many times, she's learned. Last night she chewed the cap off, came to me with it in her mouth & just stood there waiting for me to take it. Here it is, Mom. No resistance at all. Made me LOL! She adores laying in both our laps for loving time. But when she wants to sleep, she moves away & stretches out. Or will get down on the floor. Not a cuddly sleeper - wants her space! Except at night in bed, then she likes to spoon. Wish I could say the same for potty training - still find the occasional poop in the house. She hasn't peed in the house in months, but she's just not got the poop thing right yet. It's much better cuz I started taking her to the front yard to potty. She's associating the back yard as playtime. So separating the two (play/potty) has helped tremendously. I hate her pottying in the front yard, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do! I love that she's so well behaved. So all of that hard work in the puppy stages really DO pay off. We now have Kallie, the dog/companion/friend that is the love of our lives. Now if we can get thru the blowing coat stage........
Pat - AKA Kallie's & Abby's mom
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Chica is unbelievably cute! I love that age too....it's their teenage years when you can begin to see the adults they will be. Ozzie is almost 2 but still acts like a puppy & I love that!
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Ted is starting to go off by himself for a few minutes at a time. He loves sleeping in our bed. He doesn't seem to be too interested in his bully sticks but he adores me if I give him an empty box or a paper ball to toss and rip. He loves to toss his mini tennis balls around and still loves his walks. The past few crazy cold weeks I have got him down to 4 walks a day from 5! Ted was 9 months n Jan 23rd and weighs in at 9.5 lbs
Lise and Ted
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It sounds like all the babies here are turning into loving dogs! It is great to hear all the wonderful stories about them...what a great breed we all have!
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