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Road salt!
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Road salt!

Hi again! Just wondering what everyone in northern climes does to remove road salt for your pup's paws. We just got a big snow dump here in Ontario, and today was the first day taking Pickles out since the storm. other dog walkers kept warning us on our walk about the salt, probably because we didn't have booties on his feet. As soon as we got home, I rinsed his paws and belly with warm water in the tub. This is what I do every time he encounters salt in the winter.

Is this enough? Should I try the booties, or are they a waste of cash, like my dog owning friends say? Should I also consider moisterizing his pads? If so, is there a natural alternative to the $17 paw wax they sell at my local dog shop? What about stuff like coconut oil?
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Depends on the dog. Mine prefers boots when we go outside. He doesn't exactly enjoy them being put on, but when we are out without them on he'll freeze up and start trying to raise all his paws off the ground (either from it being too cold or the snow balling up in his foot pads). As a bonus, I also have very little problems with snow caking onto his legs in frozen balls. But I do know lots of dogs really don't like boots.
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I've found Mushers Secret to be great w/ Bear's paws.....but you're right, it's about $17 for the small container. It lasts a while though so I think it's worth the money.
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My dogs can't walk on the salt. It burns their feet. I take them on trails most of the time anyway. I use Mushers Secret to stop from ice forming on their feet. It might also protect against the salt.

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I use Mushers for Maya's paws. Works great. The boots tend to slip off.
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