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Because she is pretty reliable most of the time, I would continue taking her out. If you can't keep an eye on her, and I mean a close eye on her, she should be in an x pen. Put her bed, toys, water, pee pad, etc in x pen. I know your husband is frustrated with her, but sadly he is a big part of the problem. By giving her too much room in the beginning, it's created bad habits. Baby gates are only temporary. If he allowed them in the first place, she probably would have been housebroken by now and the gates would be gone. Good luck!

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We just got our puppy last Friday and he has been such a good boy. He did have couple of accidents when my husband was watching him (well, he wasn't watching per-se, he was on his laptop) But we have him in an ex-pen for 2-3 hours at a time and then take him out for 1/2 hr and let him play with us and then he goes back to pen. He uses his pee-pad pretty consistently. Since he wasn't crated at the breeder first 2 days I had a bed for him in the pen, he loves his bed so since Monday I moved his bed to the crate in the pen, he now sleeps in his crate with door open (and the crate is still in the pen). Here is the pen I got for him from Amazon, it is pretty big. North States Industries North States Industries Superyard...
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This is what worked for me.....FINALLY!
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This is what worked for me.....FINALLY!

It took a very, VERY long time to housebreak my darling male Hav. They need to be taken outside often. I also tried (foolishly) to take him out without the leash and he was unreliable about staying with me and coming back when called; I was lucky that nothing bad happened. So now when the backyard is too muddy I take him out in the front yard on a leash to be sure he does his business. And going for walks helps, too! I work full time and he is in the sun porch for eight hours.....but there has never been an accident because he is in a metal exercise pen which is much bigger than a crate and not as claustrophobic. I learned that this is one area where they need real consistency as to when they go out and how often, etc.
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