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Beau's mom
Beau's Mom
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The first time I took Beau to the groomer, the initial questionnaire asked if I wanted his head to be "square or round." I didn't have a clue what she was asking and just answered "square." If you look at Aries' ears, that's how Beau's ears looked when she was done! Since I prefer the way Sonic's ears look -- I now say, "round" or "Don't touch his ears!" Just saying, we've all had that, "I should have been clearer" moment with a groomer! They BOTH are as cute as can be -- and Aries will look even better in a month or so!!

They're not my dogs -- I'm their person
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they look so dang cute!! Both have such sweet faces!
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Sonic and Aries
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Thanks everyone! I am beginning to grown fond of Aries' cut now that I've brushed her a few times and haven't have to fight the mats.. But will definitely let her grow out as she stops blowing coat. It always surprises me how they get cut at the same place but can come back with such different haircuts around their faces. I, too, am more of a fan of the 'round' ear versus the 'square'.

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Linda, Sonic & Aries' Mom

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I always ask them to leave the tail and ears alone. Some listen and some don't. I have a groomer now who keeps a file and writes everything down. I request the owner and sometimes have to wait a while longer but Lily gets the cut I like. We were at Disney World on Monday and I had her groomed at the doggie day care there. It is the best cut she has ever had. To bad it 2 and a half hours from here and a 3 hour plane ride from my home in NJ
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Brady's mom
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I think they both look great!

**Karen, Mom to Brady, Dugan, and Devon
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They both look great! Too cute!
The Babies!
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You can always ask for the same person. Then you are a "request" client and that groomer will be sure to take care of you! Also, us groomers are like artists. No two groomers groom exactly alike.
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Buzzys Mom
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They look adorable! I just had Oscar cut like Aries because of the mats... I requested 1" on the body, and a round face, long ears, and trim the tail. 1' is shorter than I expected, but he still gets mats even at that short a length! Plus, he looks so cute (just like Aries)! Now that it has been a few weeks, it looks even better.
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Your dogs are wonderful. Hope it's okay that I printed out Sonic's after grooming photo for my groomer to see how we'd like Lucky to come out. She leans to the short bob that Aries is sporting (actually exactly what happened to Lucky last time) but Sonic's makes clear what a great puppy cut looks like (and on a great looking pup) THAANK YOU for sharing these.p.s. Aries still is adorable and it grows for sure. Lucky's last one had no beard left and folks thought he was a terrier or a miniature schnauzer. Pretty funny.
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