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Hi Angeleke. poor Django, Poor You! there is always something going on. and you take such good care of him. If thyroid does show up... I agree with Dave that Jean Dodd's and a hemopet analysis is the way to go. when Jasper's thyroid was elevated i just emailed dr. dodds all his results and she gave me great advice. I then, had him retested with hemopet and got her recommended prescription. Behavior issues are often thyroid. Jas has been doing great.

In fact, Dr. Dodds may just take an interest all together in Django, with so much going on, it may be a puzzle that intrigues her. When I wrote her about Jasper and she was so helpful, i asked how I could pay her for her time and she said if I wanted to she could make a donation to hemopet

Also, about raw... It is not really higher protein, it is just cleaner protein with less additives I don't know, if you know that me and my vet had suspicions with Cash with some sort of subclinical addisons/thyroid disorder/diabetes/bouts of pancreatitis/allergies/weight gain ... since he has many of the symptoms even though his tests are all normal... going on raw cleared up most of his symptoms. we are careful to make sure the protein is below 10% for the pancreatitis. the chicken formula has 6% fat. and 13% protein. I know it is not really comparable to kibble ratios cause kibble is so much more condensed. But if it were me, I would try a raw diet, no matter what my vet suggested. I am lucky to have a vet who accepts raw. be sure to add probiotics. who knows... he may just do so much better? obviously, I am not a vet and cannot replace a vets advice. but many vets just get freaked out about raw. But the commercial raw diets are pure food. the only additive is mixed tocipherals (vitamin e) I know when I tried to home cook for Cash he became an allergic mess, we suspect due to the suppliments I had to add.

I would give raw 2 weeks, if nothing bad happens keep going. the NV site has a portion calculator. what if that was the answer to many puzzles? just like kibble, we ocaissionally get a bag that does not agree. but most stores take it back.

Good luck. keep us posted.
Missy, Jasper & Cash
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I am all for raw, i guess it's finding the right raw or food in general. Thanks to all for your tips. Very helpful and a lot to take in. Going to touch base with his vets again after his visit for his monthly shot and figure out a plan of action. Hopefully his blood work will come back normal and we just need to change his diet because he's entered his "Golden years!"
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