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Originally Posted by jabojenny View Post
I'm cracking up, I have two girls, 13 and 16 so I know what you are referring to in regards to their rooms Disneyland/Doggie Wonderland/Holy Grail of doggy items! I have gates set up in my house, not for Timmy, but to keep him away from where they have been. My older daughter sews, knits, beads etc... I can only imaging what would happen if he had free reign in her room. Timmy hasn't really ruined anything but he's obsessed with one of my daughters Ugg's. I texted her a picture of him carrying them around, she was up in her room, she came down immediately, much easier then me having to yell up to her.
I make jewelry and I have totally had to redo my workspace to keep things out of reach. I hate when things go flying though...I can't always find them right away and I get so worried she will eat one.

Lately I've had my laptop out (as opposed to just using iPad) and she will start to walk on it...she ended up trying to print something yesterday. Of course once when she was younger she almost ordered something on amazon on my iPad...
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I am feeling the need to defend my precious princes (after ratting on them---LOL) other than scratching the door to go out...they have not destroyed anything since puppydom! And Cash and the oriental rug... it was due to prednisone...he has not had an accident since! As you all know...J & C are perfect!
Missy, Jasper & Cash
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Originally Posted by misstray View Post
He chewed through the wire that connects my external hard drive to my computer. It wasn't expensive. He isn't particularly destructive with things. Even when he gets my bras, etc....he doesn't wreck them...he nibbles and licks and rolls on them. He has never destroyed a toy or anything. In that way, I guess I've been lucky.
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