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No way I'd let Leo go on his own, the way his crate is configured we couldn't really do that. Also I'm sure he get up and start playing... Not good at 5:30am! Then again, I get up pretty early so taking him at 5:30 isnt really a problem. I know not many people want to get up as early so I guess in the end you gotta train him to work with what works best for you. Leo unfortunately doesnt cry to get out of his crate so I just take him at 5:30 and he's fine until 7am when we get him up. I'm happy that he's gotten to the point where he will "go potty" and then get taken back this crate and go back to sleep. There was a short period there where he was confusing middle of the night potty time with playtime. So far our schedule works pretty well, he usually in bed at 9am.

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Both mine are in their crates between 9 & 10 every night and back up at 6am. Isabella only a couple of months ago was allowed free run of the home unsupervised. It will be at least a year before Raider has the same privileges.

Last night was Raider's first night in his new soft crate (he'd been using a hard plastic type). It's the extra small by Precision Pets. Isabella has a larger one that we really like and it collapses and travels well not to mention comfortable. Raider missed his old crate at first, but settled in after a time and returned to it on his own for nap today.

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Thankfully Tino sleeps all night without a potty break, but our little Buster was up a few times in the night for the first couple months we had him. He was the runt, weighing in at 1.5 lbs at 8 weeks. He wasn't fully housebroken until 10 months, whereas Tino is reliable at 16 weeks with regular trips outside. They are all so different. We had doors from our bedroom to our back patio which made middle of the night potty breaks more bearable. Lol, just thinking that the term "wee hours of the night" is so fitting!

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