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Originally Posted by Ewokpup View Post
Bama has become more vocal lately. We are in the midst of moving so that may be part of it. First night in new place she was a noisy girl, but last night she kept quiet until 630ish.

When she was little she didn't care if people were outside. She met the mail carrier as well as the regular fed ex guy. Then she got where she was barking when she heard them...I half wonder if it wasn't so much a guarding thing but a 'hi my friend is outside I want to see them'. She was more vocal with certain of our old neighbors...the ones who gave her extra attention. She would hear our neighbor's girlfriend's dog and bark more then than when the neighbor or his girlfriend were outside alone...and I could never even hear that dog!
Its so hard to figure out and harder to stop. I have been trying with Zoey for over a year. I've gotten her to at least do a soft growl and the barking stops fairly fast. The worst time for me is in the middle of the night its makes me jump and my heart races. I cant see or hear what the heck she is sensing. I say shh and its nite nite time and she stops. Then it takes me 10 min to fall back asleep.
Maddie at 5mo old
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Lola :)
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Aw so cute! Mommy's guard dog is right!
Lauren & Lola
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Rosie is on guard when her Daddy is not here. Last night she started barking really loud in the middle of the night. I jumped straight up out of the bed and she ran downstairs, still barking like she had found someone. I picked u my shotgun and slowly went downstairs--wanted to give whoever was down there time to get out. Well Jethro had heard the birds in the chimney and managed to knock down the fire screen and all the logs out of the fireplace. I would have shot him if it wouldn't have made such a mess.
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I think Bama let me know the gardeners were here this morning. I opened the wooden door (not the screen one) to show her it was okay (I thought it was the UPS guy), but it was someone else...but without my glasses I couldn't tell if it was the neighbor or the gardener putting something in the trash can!

Last night some cats got into a spat and the German shepherd next door barked for awhile after so of course Bama did as well. Our new home has more dogs around for her to try and have conversations with.
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LOL! Oh Lucile, you sure do tickle my funny bone! The girls are on high alert when their Daddy ain't home too.....evey sound sets them off until about midnight...then they sleep soundly....
Stacey, Yogi (Gerty), and Baby Boo
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Jack is my major guard dog, I can now tell the difference in barks when there is a cat or person across the street. Dexter does do the guard thing, but he will check it out and then come back to me like he is it ok mom? I always say, it is ok.

Dexter & Jack
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