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Another way to socialize, if you have friends with dogs, is to create puppy parties (so to speak) where maybe the people do a potluck lunch, and the dogs all get to play together. If you vary where (or at different homes) you have these, you can teach your puppy how to play with other dogs, but in a controlled environment, and in different scenarios. Halle has not only havanese friends, but also corgi, great dane, rottweiler, doberman, golden retriever, poodle, aussie, pointer, boxer (and so on) friends. The worst that's happened to her so far was actually last night at class, when a (people) child came running around a corner and crashed into her.
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"Off" is a good command to teach. We started from a sit, and offered treats....saying 'take it' for a few times, and then after awhile said 'off' instead, in a very firm way...made her wait, then 'take it' so she could have the treat. Now that she knows it, we can use it in other situations---trying to eat pizza in front of her, wanting her not on our lap...stuff like that.

Even though your girlfriend is consistent with the same no bite techniques as you are, if there was a time very early on that she let him play bite her feet, then he might have decided it was fun to play with her that way, even though she tells him not to now. I ran into this with my husband...he would do the 'ow' or 'off', etc., but he thought the playing with hands and feet were cute the first week, so she decided that this was the way she should play with him.

It's great that you are finding free socializing opportunities. We didn't get to start classes until four months...the vet was concerned about her being around dogs we didnt know before she got all her shots (she had some health problems early on).
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aggression biting puppy

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