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I have two Havanese puppies from Jay: Lexi (Oct 2008) and Jasper (April 2011). I couldn't be more happier with the dogs or with Jay. Jay is very knowledgeable of the breed and is willing to assist you in any way. I think the takeaway from this thread is that before buying from a breeder, you must visit them personally to get a feel on their breeding methods and their passion for the Havanese breed. Breeders either breed for money or for passion, and Jay is definitely the latter. I know this by working with Jay through two puppies, and not from giving my opinion based on another member's post. Give Jay a call or visit his house, and you'll find out exactly what I mean.
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Originally Posted by krandall View Post
It sounds like he really cares about his dogs... I just don't agree with some of what he does. (and doesn't do)
I think that sometimes (in my case) people just want a family dog - not a perfect dog, not a show dog, but a family dog.

We do the best we can researching the type of dog we want, which helps us settle on a breed, but at the end of the day, we just want a healthy pup to add to the family.

As long as a breeder is kind and treats the dogs well, that's all I care about. Cost is also a consideration - with three kids, I am not willing to spend $2000-$3000 on a dog plus travel expenses to go get a dog. No way.

Benny does not have papers and for all I know, his mother was bred with a cow (he came from a farm and is spotted like a cow, so that's our theory LOL), but we love him and wouldn't trade him for the best bred, champion Havanese out there. Unless, of course, there is a breeder breeding Havanese that don't pee and poop... in that case, sign me up.

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I have no opinion on this breeder and have not even looked at the site. I just want to say (from experience) you will pay as much for a puppy from a breeder who does all the testing as one who doesn't. I love my dogs...they are not perfect. but things have come up through the years... health wise and in terms of temperment. Because of this forum, I have met wonderful dogs from the cream of the crop breeders as well pups like mine...jasper is from an almost puppy mill, and Cash is from a good intentioned hobby breeder. The dogs I have met from the truly reputable breeders are just more sound. If/when I do it again, I would certainly spend the small difference in cost to get on a list and get a puppy from someone who does all the health testing, and most importantly truly socializes the puppies.
Missy, Jasper & Cash
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I have 2 Havs from Jay and have recommended him to many! My Duke is 5 years old and the reason I fell in love with this breed! We got our "CeCe" a brown and white Hav from him 2 years ago! Absolutely No health problems with our pups or the many we know who have recommended him! I live in e Pittsburgh area and would highly recommend him!
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I have 2 wonderful Hav's from Jay, duke is almost 7 years, Cece almost 3 .... He was wonderful carling and they are bred in a loving home! Absolutely no health issues... jay truly cares about his pups and where he places them!!
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I know this is an old thread, but I feel I must reply.

Juergen (Jay) is an excellent breeder and an honest man. He was the first breeder I contacted when I started. I read his website and spoke to him directly. Since I didn't know much, I contacted two other breeders. They verified most of what Jay told me. One of the breeders I contacted was in Eastern PA (about 5 hours away), and not a direct competitor. She knew of Jay and Camelot Havanese and told me it would be a waste of my time to drive 5 hours to get a puppy from her because Jay was as good as it gets.

Gibbs has an issue with Cherry Eye and an Umbilical Hernia. Jay honored his warranty, offered reimbursement and even contacted and arranged for his Vet to do the surgeries if I wanted.

I know the thread is old, but Jay is as good as you will find in Western Pa and probably beyond.

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