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The "Fiscal Cliff" is the compromise from the debt ceiling debate.
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What is happening with the fiscal cliff issue is the president is trying to make it look like republicans fault no matter how it plays. This is in the hopes that democrats will gain control of the house in the next midterm election. This is how slimy Chicago politics works. Hold the entire nations economy hostage for political gain. It amazes me that nobody who voted to give Obama a second term thinks there is any chance we are heading for an economic collapse. Our system is truly broken and four years from now it might just be irreparable. Obamacare is starting to create the problems so many of us knew were coming. We have a tax on medical devices set to start at the first of the year. Now we have democrat senators trying to get the tax postponed or repealed. One major maker of medical devices has notified employees that 1000 workers will lose their jobs. Problem is obamacare needs the 29 billion this tax will generate. Once again we have a new entitlement program the government will not be able to pay for. Hide your money because the government will be looking for it as it heads to bankruptcy.
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My point was more to the fact that the media has and always will be in the bag for Obama. Romney may have been doomed from the get-go BC of his flopping around, but Obama has also changed views IE gay marriage, except when it's Obama it's called "evolving" and is largely ignored by the media. Unfortunately Americans voted for the the obscure "cool" guy that votes present as a senator so he has no record to get picked at vs the talented awkward guy. My husband predicted the last recession and he's saying we're headed into another one. And you might just want to hire a good tax accountant.
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