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Get a short trim, your Hav will love you for it. If you do not have the come through the hair each day, it is best to get a short trim.

Blowing Coat gets worse before it starts to get better, I would say at least 2 months. We need some pictures too!

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Maddie wasn't nearly as bad as Zoey but she did have a real bad matting session about two mo ago go figure she is going on three?
If you can somehow look up how to line comb that is a good way to really get to all parts of their coat. I'm not a very good writer and its hard to explain but I'll try. Use a good comb one that has small tooth and large tooth. Everyone loves their CC Butter comb. I start at the bottom and work my way up by pushing up the hair and taking very small sections at a time. You want to get all the way to the skin because thats where the worst mats form. Sometimes you cant even feel their is a mat. A good line combing can take a couple hours or more. I will sometimes start with a slicker brush to try to loosen the mat some I alternate between the two. I really thing the new adult coat is either a different texture or it is that the puppy coat is falling out. I never really noticed signal mats with Zoey it was more like a thick felting and wasn't like tangled so bad that I couldn't just comb it out. I start at the bottom of the thick mess and work upward. Small sections at a time and pulling down the next layer. Then I use the small section of the comb to get the loose hair out. The slicker brush should be a soft one . I like to test both slicker brushes and pin brushes on my arm to feel what it would be like if I accidently hit their skin. An area that some forget is their hole head and around their ears. Every time I have had to deal with a coat change I wounder how can such littles dogs be so much work. Then I thank god I don't have a old english sheep dog in a full coat.
I hardly ever use my pin brush and own a CC wooden one that I felt was a waist of money. It is suppose to keep the static down. I do use my wire one after I've gotten all the mats out to fluff . I own a small comb with about 4 inches long. I probably use it more than the other because its easier to hold and I can work on smaller areas at a time. I sometimes turn the comb at an angel to brake up the mat if its more tangled. I try to hold the skin so I'm not pulling and hurting them.
Anyway try to see if someone has pictures or a better written direction on line combing. Good luck you guys with all the new puppy's going into adolescents!

I started a trend called support group wanted when I was going threw the dreaded coat change. Zoey had about four over a period of two years. She has a much calmer coat these days and its not nearly as thick or frizzy.
Maddie at 5mo old

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