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I use this probiotic/enzyme for Roki


And here is article from The Whole Dog about that supplement


I use chewables since Roki doesn't like anything sprinkled on his food

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That is good news about Django! Hope that little boy continues to do well!

I am hoping I have found a remedy for Finn's tear staining - that it isn't just a fluke. Giving it a bit more time to see if this improvement continues. I have mentioned on other threads that Augie has had a couple of urinary tract infections. About two months ago, I started him on a powdered cranberry supplement that comes in a gel cap. Finn had been on a food that contained cranberry and blueberry and, while on it, his tear staining had cleared up. We took him off that food because it contained other things that he tested positively to on allergy testing. The tear staining, especially in one eye,got worse - reddish brown gunk. I open the gel cap and Augie gets half of one sprinkled on each meal. I decided to try sprinkling the other half on Finn's food. It has been a bit over two weeks now and Finn's eye is no longer tearing with that reddish brown gunk. I think I read somewhere else on the forum where people gave their dogs dried cranberries as treats. I would be interested in learning whether they had tear staining and whether it improved with the ingestion of cranberries. I asked our vet about the long term use of the cranberry powder and whether it was safe, and she said there wasn't a problem. She hadn't heard of using cranberries for tear staining but said that it made sense as it would create a more acidic environment.
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