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I think it's a matter of opinion as to whether you like the ears short or like the long look. I think Tyler's are in between. The groomer stated that she holds her shears angled toward the jaw and cuts in that position so as not to have them look squared off. Just go for the look you like and, remember, if it comes out too short, it will grow. Good luck.

Mary (miss you, Bailey-1996-2011 and Tyler-1997-2015)
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Originally Posted by Izzy-bella View Post
What a sweet expressive face, he is adorable!

And I agree he does look a lot like Mary's Tyler (Sandypaws). I used pictures of Tyler and instructions from Mary's groomer to take with for my little ones turned out great.
She cut the bottom of their ears sort of straight and angled just a little toward the back. Think I am going to cut the Little one's ears just a little more (chocolate one) I llike the shorter ear like on Izzy. But all of this is just a matter of opinion, as you said there are all sorts of styles but they all come out sooooooooooo cute.
Have a great weekend....Estelle
Your puppies are adorable and I love the ears, different on each of them. Thanks so much for sharing these great photos et. al.
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Someone on the forum said that a shaved dog with long ears looked like a cocker spaniel. Well I sorta agree as Rosie's face looks a little liike a spaniel, but the shaved part doesn't. I like the look. Rosie has a little head and some Havanese have really bid heads and shorter ears look more fiting on those. But it surel is a mattter of opinion.
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