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Originally Posted by Stites11 View Post
I have a similar situation. We have had our pup for 3 weeks, she is 16 weeks old and when we are both working (it has only been 3 days a week so far) I come home at lunch to play and walk. My problem is the ex pen didnt work for us. Every contraption I made she got out of! I have been using the crate the last couple of days and I am not happy about it. I have a trainer coming in tomorrow and will hopefully offer some suggestions. With both the ex pen and the crate she whines in the morning when we get ready and then when we put her in and leave she barks. When I come home for lunch I always have to wake her and she is very sleepy.
If she climbs out of the pen, try to medium sized crates. I did this with a foster dog. I took the doors off and put the crates together face to face. One of the crates had 2 doors, so I used that door for access. One side was potty area and the other was bed, toys, water etc. Two medium crates put together, is a very large area for a wee pup!

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What height pen did you get. Mine is 30" high. Ted is on the smaller side but he has never gotten out.
Lise and Ted
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I'm getting a puppy at the end of November that will be about 10 weeks old. My boyfriend and I both work 8 hour days, BUT fortunately we have off schedules. We've calculated our dog will be home alone for 6 1/2 hours each work day. For the first few months though - probably through April - I worked it out with my boss to take a longer lunch break and work a little later each day so I can come home, let the puppy out, and play with it. Once it's a little older I plan on taking it to doggy day care at least once a week just to prevent boredom.

Are there different shifts at your work that you might be able to take so that way there is someone with the puppy during the day more than there is now? Or could you possibly work with your boss to work from home for a few months? Just some thoughts but I'm sure there is a solution that would work for you and your situation.

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Did we lose JuniorD?? Perhaps, we jumped on her a little too hard, too fast?? Maybe we should have taken a "let's see if we can help" tack at first?

They're not my dogs -- I'm their person
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I hope not. It can be worked out. It sucks to ask for help and feel as if everyone is against you. I know how it feels. Hopefully she can work something out. She seems motivated to come on here and ask. We all make decisions every now and then, we should have thought out more. Please come back and post some pics
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It was a valid point to make, and was my first thought as well on reading the post. That said, Mike and I both work full time, but we managed our schedules well with our little Bucky when we got him so that he was only alone for a few hours max. It's doable. We're getting our new Hav puppy this week, and we're both looking at what time we can take off from work to be home with our pup. A lot of dog owners responsibly manage work and puppies, and there were some excellent suggestions for Junior. Not everyone has the flexibility Mike and I do.
Maybe a neighbour or a friend could come in Junior?
Would be nice to see some pics
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