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Thanksgiving socializing
Old 11-23-2012, 12:57 PM   #1
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Thanksgiving socializing

Bama came with us to thanksgiving dinner at a friend's house and did an amazing job! People said she was so quiet and polite (she wasn't begging under the table the way the yorkie was, nor did she try and steal the block of Brie cheese like the yorkie did. ;-)

Living in a city without a yard, her socialization has always been on leash. And as long as we have known her she has never been able to run around in a back yard (unless you count a fenced in driveway...but that has no grass). She seemed to love it...she and the one year old yorkie ran around and around. She got along with the little pug as well. She was great with all the new humans and a toddler. When dogs in the neighborhood started barking she didn't join in.

Of course her paws got all wet and I took off her turkey bandana after the first fifteen minutes so it wouldn't get dirty. She had a bath before we went and lots of brushing and a haircut as's amazing how soft her coat was.

We gave her a baby carrot which she seemed to eat some of and then play with a bit. We plan to give those to her as treats/chewies when she gets a bit older.

Anyway, I have rambled on long enough. I'm just so proud of my little havapom. ;-) and seeing her with those other dogs made me really want to get a second dog...probably 100% havanese this time.
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Old 11-23-2012, 04:38 PM   #2
Dave T
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good for you guys. Yep keep socializing as much as you can . preferably offleash. Dogs are more relaxed offleash. It's a lifetime job. Good stuff
Dave and Molly
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Old 11-23-2012, 06:19 PM   #3
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Well, not a puppy but Henry being 6 years old.....we are visiting upstate NY so I bring Hnery on-leash to a local park. He seeing 2 French bullings through a fence each day - they bark and he keeps quiet, then he saw a chocolate lab today and growled and barked.
Congrats on your little Bama!
It is some version of socializing - they all need it!
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Old 11-24-2012, 10:47 AM   #4
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That sounds like fun ! Mine had to stay home because my brother has a big rescue yellow lab that scares Zoey. As for the babby carrots I have been giving them those for treats for a long time . I have mixed emotions because they don't digest well I have been meaning to find out if they can cause a blockage? By the time the carrot makes its way threw it is about the size of a large pea. I have been thinking of blanching them too see it that helps. I like it when they were teething I think the cold carrot helped.
Maddie at 5mo old
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Yay for Bama, and for you!

Haha, Ceylon ended up jumping on to the table and eating the butter off of the butter dish after dinner, when nobody was in the dining room. Omg, he would never, ever, ever dare to do such a thing at home!!!

With 21 people and 3 other dogs around, I guess he just completely forgot his manners. Needless to say, he was banished to his crate for the rest of the evening. We've actually been here for 3 nights in a row now (it's not his first time here, at my aunt's house) and he has been well behaved most of the rest of the time
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