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Tillie's Vet Appt...
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Tillie's Vet Appt...

Well, the day finally came. Tillie's long awaited FULL check up and re-check.
It was quite the appt and a lot of things were done and addressed.
I'll start by saying that Tillie is OFFICIALLY 'breed standard'!!! Her weight today was 10.0 lbs! Can you believe it!??? My little girl is 'all grown up'!

Anywhooooo, the appt started out ROUGH. I had to run home from work to get Tillie and NOT let her pee, because she needed to pee at the vets so they could catch it, right? So, I go out with her and the vet tech and the vet tech MISSES her peeing!!! sigh. So then we walked around for another 10 minutes hoping she would go again. nope. no luck. sigh.

I had brought a list of questions and things I wanted done. She was a trooper through all of it. I can imagine she will be sore for a few days.
She was heartworm tested, got her DHPP 3 yr vaccine, had her anal glands emptied, teeth checked (he said they look great! GO home cooking!!) AND then the vet ended up feeling her bladder and deciding that she had enough pee in there to go ahead and "collect it" so he shaved her belly while the vet tech and I held her down and then stuck a needle in her belly and drew the pee out. As painful as it sounds, she was SUCH a trooper, didn't cry, barely even struggled. The vet did a fantastic job, one shot, filled a whole syringe. That urine will be sent to a lab for full urinalysis AND he was able to get enough to send some for culture also, to make sure that what ever has been going on is resolved and if it ISN"T that we are able to figure out what's going on in her bladder!

So, ya, that was a big part of the appt. BUT there's more ... he did a physical exam of her body and discovered pretty quick that her BACK was really messed up!!! I brought up the trembling, the pee I find in her crate in the morning sometimes and he is VERY certain it is all connected, to her BACK. Her problem is in L3,4,5. So I was like, okay... now we need to see a doggie chiropractor?? and he raises his hand. lol "HERE" sooooo, he's ALSO a doggie chiropractor!!
So he used his tools to get her back lined up and then used a special heating tool so the muscles don't spasm and then adjusted her again... when we were leaving, Tillie was smiling...

So, time will tell if this is our answer. I'm really curious to see how her trembling is tomorrow morning as typically the morning is her worst trembling time...

Thanks for always being here for me and Tillie throughout this journey...
Tammy and Tillie
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I am so glad they were able to find something specific wrong. That is great! I really hope Tille's problems go away.
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Dave T
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wow, that's interesting. If indeed her back is causing this that is just another example how pain can influence behavior like peeing uncharacteristically. How long is this back adjustment supposed to last.?
Dave and Molly
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Glad you had a good appointment with Tillie and she was smiling when she left. Sounds like she got a really good checkup and was a great patient. Strange about the back issue though. You must have been quite surprised with that diagnosis. I'm sure you weren't expecting to hear that. Hope the realignment helps with her trembling and peeing problems and her urine comes back negative for all bad things. Sounds like you're headed in the right direction, Tammy. Keep that chin up for you and Tillie.

Mary and Tyler (miss you, Bailey - 1996-2011)
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Thanks! ya, I was really shocked (and somewhat relieved!) when he found the problem with her back!
*I*. an untrained animal person can totally FEEL the difference in her back. She did have a 'bump' that is no longer there after the adjustment!! other than being tired she hasn't had any trembling yet... (fingers crossed!!)
He wants to see her back next week for a re-check of her back. IF the trembling has gone away and the urine culture comes back clear then we are free!! Only to return if there is an issue... praying there isn't anymore problems!! If so, she will need more extensive blood work.
Tammy and Tillie
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That would be interesting, and wonderful if this is the fix you've been looking for. I really hope it works. Let us know what happens tomorrow.
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Tammy that is such a great update - good girl Tillie for being such a trooper today - and how interesting that it may be her back that has been the problem all along ! Keep us updated and fingers crossed that no trembling in the morning :-)
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Great news!! You must be glad to know the specific issue!
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thanks for the update Tammy, I do think of you! fingers crossed!
Jody ,lucky Mom of Atticus
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Wow, well I hope the adjustment does the trick. I will be curious to see how she is the next few days. We are all rooting for her!! If it turns out to be her back, I have a great supplement to suggest. Bella takes it and is doing well on it. I also limit Bella's walking. Fingers crossed Tammy!
Linda, Bella 10 yrs old, Freddie 9 yrs old, & Scudder 8 yrs old
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