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Originally Posted by Chica'sMom View Post
Is your dog vaccinated for rabies? Any reaction to same? Chica is just over 10 months old. Not vaccinated yet. It is required by law here ... but I'm not sure I want her to have it. She is never out of my sight, off leash or in the woods. Thoughts? Experiences? Thanks!
I hadn't gotten Zoey one for a long time. I had moved to my sisters and It worried me their so I finally broke down and did it. I was just visiting her last week and the neighbor's dog had a really bad reaction to a rabies shot. The vet even had a name for it but I cant remember what. The dog had soars all over it body and couldn't control it bladder . They spent $1,700 just trying to keep it alive with antibiotics and steroids. The dog was her elderly mothers and was a Maltese she couldn't handle it anymore and fostered her out. Mine have done fine with the shots.I never worrie about the dog catcher and we don't have tags but that's just me.
Maddie at 5mo old
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Mine isn't because the vet told me it wasn't required by law here. I figure his risks of getting rabies are pretty minimal. However, if I ever want to take him to the US or something, I guess he'd have to get it. For now, I think he's fine. When we're outside he's always with me on leash.
Tracy and Brody

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I do minimal vaccines and Rabies, in CA is the LAW. Tillie hasn't had any vaccine reactions.
Tammy and Tillie
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For the first few years, Django always had a terrible reaction to the Rabies vac. Now, with Addisons, I have him tittered and he hasn't had any vacs. including Rabies in over 5 years. He never did well with any of the vaccinations even as a puppy.
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My two have each had two rabies vaccines. Once as puppies and one booster. After McKenna had a reaction to the first one I didn't want to give her another but the nurse told me her reaction HAD to be from something else because they don't give rabies shots on the side where her hair fell out and she developed a dollar sized hard, red, area that eventually turned black. I knew better but let her give the shot anyway. Same reaction. My girls don't get any more rabies shots even though it is the law here.

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It never occurred to me my guys might have a reactions to vaccines. Fred just had swollen eyes and is very itchy. Suzi brought up the fact that maybe this was a reaction to his recent rabies vaccine. A few years back both my boys had hives all over them. I figured it was from the topical flea/ tick treatment, but now I'm wondering if they had vaccines near the time of their hive breakout.... I hate vaccines! They are evil
Linda, Bella 10 yrs old, Freddie 9 yrs old, & Scudder 8 yrs old
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I agree. Django would always develop a fever, would become lethargic, it was rough for a couple of days. My breeder told me about tittering when Django was a puppy. His first vet would just agree not to give him all the other vaccinations but Rabies was always a must. But vaccinations no more. I never realized that our little guys get the same dose that a 150lb dog would receive.
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It has been a few months now, so I hope I am remembering this correctly. Our vet said that Finn, with his allergies, is more prone to a reaction to the immunizations. We get titers for all but the Rabies. The Rabies is law here as well. I had read where sometimes it is the thimerasol (mercury/preservative) in the vaccine that is often times the issue. I quizzed our vet and they use a thimerasol-free Rabies vaccine. She also instructed me to give Finn 12.5 mg of children's Benadryl one half hour before the vaccine. He had no reactions.
Linda, Augie & Finn's Mom
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My dog has a had two rounds of puppy shots. Should I do the third? I will probably have to do rabies at some point since I need to board. For those of you who dont do rabies, how do you get around that?
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