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Hello all,

Its been a while since I have posted, but I have a question for you all that has me in a conundrum...

just within the past few days all three of my girls(Hailey, Lizzy, and the now semi-famous Esme) have begun to lick at their pads, chew on their legs, and scratch....This has me puzzled because I have explored every cause that I can think of, so I need your help!

They have not had a change of food within the past few months. They are all on varities of Wellness(Lizzy on Core, Hailey on reduced fat(hehe) and Esme on puppy). They are all on preventative flea medicine, and I have checked thoroughly for fleas just in case. No sign. Nothing enviromental has been changed, no new animals or people have been around them. They have never shown any sign of this before, and for all three of them to be doing it at the same time has me puzzled. I didnt think it would be seasonal allergies because I would have thought that would have started earlier in the year, and have happened in the past.
I am also using all of the same grooming products and tools(same brushes, shampoos, conditioners) and I just cannot figure it out!
If it was just one dog I would consider getting blood work done to see if something was going on, but since it is all three dogs, at three differnt ages, at the same time I feel that it is enviromental, Im just not sure what that would be....

Anyway, if anyone has any ideas, let me know! Lizzy is going to the vet in a few weeks for shots, so if it is still happening by then I will talk to the vet about it. I just can't figure it out....It dosnt seem to be drastically affecting them, they still run and play and are compleatly themselves...just itchy...No hair loss, no change in coat at all, so enough of my rambling, ideas would be appreciated!!!

Natasha of

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Natasha- it could very well be something in the environment. When we moved to SC, my allergies have gone nuts and so have Isabelle's. This year I was more prepared and when she started to itch (last week when I started in on my allergy meds) I gave her children's liquid benadryl. It really helped. Last year within days she rubbed almost all the hair off her back. The odd thing is Dash and Dora didn't go through it but to be honest neither did my husband. This year the allergies have about killed me though. I know they say most of dog allergies are environmental.

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Are you using any different cleaners on your floors? Otherwise, I don't have a clue.

Kathie, Abby & McGee's Mom
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Well just a few thoughts.

First off, are they licking chewing the pads of their paws or chewinging on the tops of their paws? Are they scratching on their face/neck or sides/underarms?

Typically food allergy symptoms are chewing/licking the pads, face/neck/muzzle.
Airborne is typically chewing on top of paws/legs, scratching sides/underarms.

Do you see any redness between the toes? My guys have a discolouration there.

Not sure where you live but some airborne allergies are seasonal and in some cases can be year round. It could also be dust mites or other molds.

It is odd that all three would develop any allergy all at the same time. Right now the only thing I see in common is the food and shampoo. Food allergies can take months or years to come out. The easiest thing to rule out is food since it's the easiest to change. You'll want to find a single source food other than beef or chicken. If you can find rabbit or kangaroo, you could try that for 3 months and see what happens. Keep in mind that's only if they are food allergy symptoms.

There should be some online site for your area that indicates what pollens/molds are active.

Chances are if your parents never had won't either...

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I wanted to let you know that Dexter has been going through some ear scratching for a couple of weeks and paw chewing. He does not do this all the time, but just once in a while each day. I have made sure Dexter's ears are very clean with ear cleaner each week and trying to get as much hair out of the ear as possible.

I have also used Ear powder to dry out the ears. Dexter's ears were pretty moist before I applied the ear powder.

I did take Dexter to the Vet yesterday to check out the ears and the ears were very clean except a few hairs. I did not want to take a chance that Dexter's ears might get worse this weekend.

I did remove more tiny hairs in the ears today just in case the ear hair is tickling Dexter's ears.

I am also going to back off of the extra treats that Dexter gets, just in case it might be a food allergy.

I have not noticed Dexter scratching on his ears today, so maybe I am doing something right.

I also plan on keeping Dexter's face pretty clean and his feet clean to see if the toe chewing/licking will stop. I haven't notice the foot licking today.

Dexter & Jack
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The 3 Amigos
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Keep in mind that allergies don't typically stop overnight. It can take 4-6 weeks till the symptoms disappear once the allergen has been removed.

Chances are if your parents never had won't either...
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Casper and Missy
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Casper has just started within the last week or two of ear scratching and licking, chewing on his legs, really only at night before he goes to sleep and during the night, first thing in the morning.

He was tested for food allergies and had was potatoes and I had been feeding him potatoes in home cooked dog food (forgot about the potatoe allergies).

I stopped the potatoe a couple of days ago, and he is not itching tonight for the first time in a few days.
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Last month I noticed bright red skin between Bella's toes. She would lick her feet, especially at night. I did the usual overview of what could be causing the allergy and I eventually gave her benedryl--but it didn't do a thing to help her. Last night I gave her a dose of Metacam and she hasn't licked or bothered her feet since.

My question is: Can this reddness be an irritation and not an allergy? Or maybe the allergy causing thing was removed but the skin was irritated and that's why the anti-inflamatory helped?
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Natasha, I forget where you guys live...has the heat come on? has it been raining a lot? or exceptionally dry or humid? this could cause itchiness. Especially wet feet and legs never getting fully dried.

Even though feeding the same and using the same shampoo brands, could you have opened new bags or bottles? could something have changes in formulas?

I think we need pictures to help us diagnose further !

Missy, Jasper & Cash
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have they been recently vaccinated?

My havanese mentor had a theory that vaccines cause itching challenges in havanese.

Daisy has "pinkish" feet from her feet itching.

I hope you find a solution, and if you do please share it. I have spent so much money and tried so many things to alleviate this.

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