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Biscuit's mom
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I've really had an awful 24 hrs with my dogs. On top of that, I have houseguests and had to give a brunch for 20 this AM.

Heath has had mild diarrhea for a few days. Both dogs saw the vet Wed for boosters, & were healthy. Except for Heath's diarrhea. I'd been giving him flagyl, & she said to continue.

Yesterday both boyz went to the groomer all day for major haircuts. They were fine when I picked them up. But later in the evening Heath vomited and had diarrhea MAYBE TWENTY TIMES!! He finally went to sleep & so this AM I took him to the Vet and with that, Biscuit also vomited (a yellowish bile).

Both boys were diagnosed with pancreatitis, most likely from a toxic source. ;-( They had IV's and were given various meds at the vet but discharged this afternoon because the vet is closed after 1 Pm til Monday AM. The Vet said I should take them home, but take them to the wkend dog ER if they vomit etc. again. I have 4 diff. meds to give, special food, etc.

Biscuit has been fine, but Heath won't eat & has vomited once & pooped too a large amount. I honestly don't know what to do! The ER is far, in a bad 'hood, and will likely cost 4-5K. This AM's treatment alone was $1500. I'm afraid Heath would totally stress out being there. Right now he's sleeping peacefully. He did take his water and the anti-nausea med, but threw up the antibiotic.

The source of this toxicity is a total mystery, as my dogs lead the most controlled lives, never off leash, never into garbage, never fed treats~~but it may be the fact that the gardener fertilized our yard without my permission Tuesday. (( I did check with the groomer & they insist the dogs ingested nothing there, like a tainted treat. )) The dogs were out in it briefly before I realized the fertilizing had been done. Otherwise, both dogs ate part of a shoe of mine a week ago~~could that have done it???

I'm beyond exhausted but wondering what to do for Heath~~try to wait til Monday AM to hospitalize him at our vet, if he's not better, or take him to ER. I'm beside myself with worry. . . thanks. Plus I really don't understand what pancreatitis is and what are the longterm ramifications.

and HEATH-Y, TOO !

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Riley & Monte's mom
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Oh no Amy I can imagine how worried you are right now. I would say if Heath vomits again take him to the ER and don't wait till Monday. We are sending over lots of healing vibes with hopes they are both feeling a bit better today.

Leeann, Riley, Monte & Rumor

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I don't think I'd wait till Monday if he isn't significantly better. I can imagine the terror you're experiencing. I'm sending prayers and healing vibes your way.

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Benji and Lizzie's Mom
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Amy, I am sending prayers and hugs. I wouldn't wait until Monday if Heath vomits again. Good luck!

Best, Poornima
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Amy, might there be another vet's office around you that is open? I have my normal vet, the emergency vet that is only a few minutes away and then vet that is 25 minutes away that have extended hours 7 days a week. They've always been willing to cooperate with my regular vet (transferring records, etc.) Their prices are higher than my normal vet but not nearly as expensive as the emergency vet. I'm not sure how you would find something like this on a Sunday but just throwing the idea out there.

Jill - Tess & Cody's mom
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and Murphy & Gracie too!
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So sorry to hear that they're both sick, I don't think I'd wait if he's still vomiting as you don't want him to get dehydrated. I'd be searching for another vet office that's open.

Ann-Scooter, Murphy, & Gracie's Mom
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I am not an expert, and can only share what my personal experience has been.

What are the special foods exactly? Best in this case is to give very very small meals and those meals, in my non-vet opinon, should be easily digested homecooked and extremely low fat. For example, chicken breast and very well cooked white rice (cooked with much extra water and cooked to a mush). Give more rice than chicken to begin with and keep super super small meals, but more frequent for the dog that can keep the food/water down.

For the other dog, dehydration is the big thing to worry about. My two now have chronic pancreatitis, but I remember the weekend it hit both of them. My boy couldn't keep any water down. I tried giving just a tablespoon (he is 40+ lbs) once an hour, and by the second hour, he would throw it back up. When I took him in, his gums were still moist, but the vet said he was more dehydrated than that because throwing up makes the gums more moist.

If he can't keep the nausea med down, or any liquids, then I think you shoud take him to another vet to get a nausea shot (don't know if they did that yesterday at your vet or not). They might also have to give him subq fluids (if they do this, please ask them to take their time getting the fluids in and not to rush it). Doing this might be enough that you can bring him back home tonight. They will likely suggest keeping him overnight to keep him on the fluids, but that is gonig to be based on how bad he is. I wouldn't let him stay anywhere unless someone was there at all times keeping a watch on thiings. I was able to bring my boy back home that night. (I came home after work and found that he had spent the day with diarrhea from one wall to the other of my large living room. Then the vomitting started).

Resting the gut is very important,so don't stress so much about the food right now, but dehydration is what you need to watch. At this point in the game, this is likely the most serious issue. It can turn bad and ugle very fast -- do not take the dehydration issue lightly. It is very serious. If he isn't keeping any water down at all (even very small amounts), then I wouldn't wait too long b/c dehydration can happen fast, especially in smaller dogs. If they are drinking, then you might want to limit the amount at any one moment (don't want them drinking so much they will vomit it back up). Just getting the vet to put sub-q's in will go a long way in keeping him hydrated. In fact, it can take a day for the body to absorb all of that water. I would not let the vet give my boy the anti-nausea shot they wanted to (Cernia) because he has seizure issues and that drug does pass thru the blood brain barrier. So the vet put a shot of pepcid into the subcuteneous fluid, and he got his nasuea med this way. He paced the floor, extremely uncomfortable for about an hour (that was hard on us both), but then he rested. I don't know if the pacing was from the pepcid in the fluids, or the fluids themselves. Either way, there are options for nasuea meds if he cant' keep anythiig down.
. Doing this shouldn't cost tooo much, and necessary if no fluids are being kept down.

Don't worry now about long term issues.....it may or may not happen.....just deal with today and then tomorrow and then the next day. You might want to plan on not working Monday and maybe Tuesday, depending on how they are. Even if they are fine, you will not be able to go back to a normal feeding schedule for awhile. Also, don't be cooking in the house right now if you can help it -- no food odors. Make a sandwhich and go to another part of the house to eat --- do not let them even smell food at this point b/c the smell can trigger the pancreas to try and produce enzymes and this is what you need to rest b/c it is inflammed right now. So plan on no food odors in the house till they are considerably better. Ok, I now you need to cook them food.....so if you have a camping stove, that would be ideal or maybe a friend can do this. If not, then cook their food, while keeping them in another part of the house and air out that room as much as you can without making the house too cold. The food odors is not something you will run across doing a search, but I was told that by someone very smart on a specialty health forum and it makes sense to me to take this extra step if you can.

I'll check back in after church and hope for a good update that there has been no more vomitting or diarrhea and some amount of small water has been kept down.

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Amy I am sorry to hear that the boys are both ill and that all of you are having to go through this. I can only imagine the worry. Well wishes and healing hugs to all. Keep us updated.

Sharlene, Evye & Bentley's Mom (Taylor too)
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Flynn of Sir Winston fame
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I send along my best wishes and prayers for you too. Some good information above from Chasza's post. Let's just hope it is over quickly. Keep us posted.
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I hope the boys are better very very soon.

Beth, Pixie Puff and MiG too
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