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Sick Puppy on Our Hands

Really needing some advice. Yesterday, Nino got sick. It started with diarrhea outside and grew from that. He spit up (no actual vomit, just regurgitated food) and then had a bad bout of diarrhea, which dirtied our sofa, our rug, his blanket, one of his beds, and one of his crates. It was everywhere. However, after that, things seemed to be ok. He was still having incredibly runny stool, but he was asking to go out every time he had to go and it wasn't as frequent.

Well, this morning I was woken up an hour or two before he would usually wake someone up crying quite loudly. I got up, and his crate pad, which was under a dirty towel, was covered in poop. I let him outside, and he pooped about 4 times, crying as he did so for the latter 2. He also regurgitated again twice...the fact that he still has something in his stomach floors me.

Poor guy is now in a wire crate on nothing but a cheap dish towel with a hole in it. He will probably stay their all day with a few trios inside. I am trying my best to keep him hydrated, and initially offered him some pumpkin, though I'm now just letting him fast a bit because he wouldn't eat it and it no longer seems like a job for pumpkin. We are trying to get him into the vet, but we have no clue how long that could take, and I really don't want to bring him to an emergency clinic if I can avoid it. He doesn't seem to be feeling any discomfort whatsoever (still wants to play, sleeping alright, etc) and he tried to eat some kibble we had out for Mario. I'm thinking he just got into something. Is there anything we can do while waiting for a vet appointment to help him out?

Sophie, Mario, and Nino.

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Ugh. I'm so sorry. I can't believe there's another sick puppy!

I'm a bit of an anxiety bunny, and I always error on the side of getting to the vet asap since we can only really guess what's going on. Fortunately, my dogs have never yet had more than a wee bout of diarrhea, and the cause of getting into the cat poop or food has been obvious. My cat, on the other hand, has given me quite a few scares, and we've ended up at the vet at least six times just to be checked out. Though the symptoms seemed the same to me, what was causing it wasn't. He ended up having to stay over once, severely dehydrated, though i hadn't noticed anything drastically different. The vet told me that if I hadn't brought him in when i did, there was a good shot he wouldn't have made it through the night. Turns out he had a parasite that time.

if he's not better within a few hours, i'd take him. Not worth the risk in my opinion.
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I think it is most important to get fluids into him, as long as he is not vomiting them right up. Try small amounts given at frequent intervals if he is tolerating it. I sometimes let Molly drink from a cup when I want her to drink as she seems to like the novelty of it. If the diarrhea and vomiting seem to settle down you can start a small amount of bland food to see if that is tolerated. The vet would probably give fluids under the skin, a shot for nausea, and possibly a drug like Metronidizole. If things don't settle down soon I would take him in to get the fluids before he gets dehydrated. Good luck and I hope he feels better soon.

Diane and Molly
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No not another puppy that is sick. Keep him hydrated and we hope he feels better soon.

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Poor Nino. The crying when pooping is a concern. The frequency of bouts of diarrhea and vomiting can very easily lead to dehydration. Hopefully you can get him in for an exam and most likely fluids. Lola was only vomiting and, as our vet explained, she was on the cusp of possible dehydration. We opted for the fluids administration with an injection and med for the vomiting.

Hopefully your little up and coming star gets well soon.
Zigfield Lola Bleu
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Feel better Nino! Why are all these puppies having tummy issues? They all seem about the same age. Could it be the extreme weather?
I always feel better having Izzy checked out by my Vet if I can. Boiled chicken and sticky rice in tiny amounts sometimes helps until I can have her checked out. Hope things improve quickly
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Poor thing. I would try to get Nino in to make sure he doesn't need fluids but while waiting I would let his stomach rest for a couple of meals. I hope he feels better soon!
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Honestly, if he were my puppy and I couldn't get an urgent care appointment at my regular vet (mine does that... You pay extra for it, but if your dog is really sick, they will fit you in, no matter what) I'd take him to the emergency vet. From what you've said, he is small, and small dogs, regardless of age, dehydrate VERY quickly/easily. They can go from feeling pretty much OK to being really ill very easily.

With that type of diarrhea, it sounds to me like he picked up some sort of bug, which is always a danger for those of us who are out showing, with our dogs exposed to many other dogs.

Karen, Kodi, Pixel and Panda
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While you are waiting to get him in to the vet, can you use a syringe (without the needle,) to gently squirt water down Nino? I've done that with Tucker when trying to keep him hydrated.

Sheri, Tucker's Mom
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I agree, it takes shockingly little for our tiny ones to get dehydrated. That was the main reason Sophie was hospitalized multiple times, the dehydration can be very serious and it didn't seem to me she vomited or had diarrhea enough to have her be as dehydrated as she was. It sounds like she didn't even have as much fluid loss as Nino has. I still check her gums regularly even though I know she is drinking plenty. Things can happen fast when they get to that point. I'd get him to the vet asap if things don't straighten out soon too just to be safe. Also check his gums to see if they are pale or if they feel "sticky" (dry) get to vet asap if they are. You can also "tent" the skin on his back to see if it snaps back into place. If not, another sign to get him to vet.

Of course, keep pushing fluids, you can also wet a washcloth then let him chew on it or squeeze some into his mouth that way.

Poor baby boy!

I just can't believe all these tummy issues!!!! Is there anyone here left that hasn't been hit by it? Sheesh! Please keep us posted on him!
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