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Roscoe and Stella's Mom
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hunger strike - how long before I give in and really worry?

Little 7 month old Roscoe has decided that his food is no good. And by his food, I mean any dog food.

The last time he ate a full meal was Wednesday night, he ate a couple bites of food yesterday morning but NOTHING since. We took away his bully sticks because he was just chowing down on them instead of eating. We tried two types of new food, which was the last meal that he gobbled up until it was all gone. He has been totally disinterested in any food since!

I think he's just trying to manipulate us into adding some extra goodies to his meals, but we don't want to give in.

So - how long before I should start to worry? How long before we should give in? The vet said 24 hours and then we should give in and give him something, but I don't want to!! Because then he will never eat the food he is SUPPOSED to!!!

I don't want him to get hypoglycemic, so I think we are going to give him some nutrical for now.

Natalie - Roscoe and Stella's mom, Maddie's part-time mom
"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot about little puppies." - Gene Hill
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Breakfast-Put it down for 20 minutes and then take it away.............
Sorry Roscoe no treats in between meals
Dinner- Put it down for 20 minutes and then take it away......

Sally,((Oliver)) Comet and Pennie too!
The best things in life are not things!
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My mom's tzu does this also. My mother panics every time and plays right into her hand.
They are clever little dogs!

Beth, Pixie Puff and MiG too
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Did he perhaps get something yummier than his dog food? like some people food? I don't know what to tell you, other than try not to give him lots of goodies, because he will definitely start expecting it. Then he will always hold out for something better. As far as how long you should wait, I don't know, I always worry as soon as one of mine turns their nose up at meal time. My one Shih Tzu, Harry, when he was little he used to do this every now and then, and we would go crazy trying to find the next acceptable dog food. The kicker was, every time he would go to long with out a meal, his stomach acids would build up and then he would vomit yellow bile. Eventually as he gotten older, we got him on routine meals with a good dog food and now he gets some treats at lunch, and right before bed, so his tummy acids don't build up.

jenn, izzy,fergus and harry too!
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Vinny and Lulu went 3 days before they threw up bile and started eating. At that time I had decided Evo was good for them and finally decided they were going to eat it. I had tried everything before that.
(Now Innova has been bought out by P&G and I wouldn't feed it to them.)
About 8 months ago I switched to Nature's Variety raw. I put it down in the AM and PM. When I first started it they weren't so sure, so I picked it up and offered it at dinner. Now they all 3 eat when I put it down or they know they don't eat at all.
Honestly, you have to just train yourself to be tough. These little buggers will drive you nuts!

Vinny, Lulu, Gabby and Richie too!

Be yourself, everyone else is taken.
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Rosie went 2 and a half days without eating and then vomited up everything; but it cured her. Now she eats or doesn't I don't worry about it. dogs will not starve themselves, they will eat when they are hungrey enough. As an aside, I wonder how many of us that have little children worry about what they eat. I know that all my grandchildren have trained their parents to junk food and no veggies--that is because they gave in and fed them what they liked. But a starving child will eat anything and so will you dog.
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Give raw a try! I bet Roscoe will eat it up!!


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(and Taylor Too! )
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Capote and Taylor free feed; they don't get anything else aside from a small treat here and there. If they don't eat the food it'll sit there until they do. Sooner or later they get hungry and the food disappears though. I never gave into food I never had to do the dog food juggle. Capote was born and raised on Pro Plan and that's what they still eat today. Taylor came from the Humane society; she'll eat whatever's there.

...though there have been times I've needed Capote to eat faster so I'd add in a lil bit of shredded cheese for whatever reason, but that's about as good as his food has ever gotten.

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Yes I agree with Mindy,somtimes a little of what they fancy mixed well in with the boring stuff! mind you Dizzie is very good at fishing the goodies out without touching the rest! although we don't have a problem with his eating.

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posh was a very picky eater.

emphasis on "was."

we brought her home at six months old, and her breeder who had kept her "in the running" as her next show dog told us that posh was her first finicky eater who "demanded" a bit of wet food mixed in with her dry kibble.

so, of course, we mixed in some high quality wet food- either merrick's canne or nature's variety canned in with her kibble, which at that time was fromm's. we eventually switched to nature's variety instinct, because it was grain free, and finally to EVO. seemed like every second meal or so she would go on a hunger strike, with the wet food added. these would last three days sometimes, which meant i had offered her six feedings.

meanwhile, my heart was breaking, she is such a little thing, but i tried to remain strong and i would take her food away after fifteen minutes and try again with the SAME food. eventually, she would eat it all.

sometimes i caved and put some cooked egg or cheese or yogurt over her food...but this would only work for one or two meals and then all of sudden she would be saying "got anything better?"

so, from info i got here, i started putting her food on a plate instead of in a bowl and putting a little warm water over the food, to make it like a gravy.

this really worked the best for us.

when i left for japan last summer my dh decided he didn't want to deal with the canned food and the gravy and all that, so he started giving her just her dog food. guess what? she now cleans her plate EVERY meal and she is only receiving her dry kibble, as is.

so, roscoe is most likely fine and doesn't even need the nutracal. no animal will starve itself and he knows his needs better than we do. stay strong sister, i know it's hard.

just in case your wondering, i am now transitioning to Fromm's kibble because EVO's parent company, Natura, has been sold to Proctor and Gamble. I don't trust Proctor and Gamble to keep the quality of the kibble or the standards of Natura...which is a bummer. So, I've bought a bag of Fromm's and have mixed it with the EVO. She is still "cleaning her plate" which is actually now a bowl....

Maybe some of these guys just need to settle into their age, she turned three yesterday and I think we finally have a consistent eater.
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