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Unhappy Rufus has cherry eye

We finally got Rufus in to see the vet yesterday. First she was on vacation then booked solid for a week and a half, so finally comes our day and oh boy! What a day! Rufus has been 100% awesum and healthy all this time, but here we are the day of our visit and he is sorta sleepy and lethargic. He has a messy poopy right before we leave so back into the house we run to wipe up the hiney! When we are doing the clean up I take just a minute to wipe his face--with a fresh washrag (of course!) and I noticed his eye looked odd. The inside corner was pink and as bit swollen--oh dear! Well, I put him in his carrier and we headed out to the vets. Now Rufus goes with me to work and around town all the time and he's NEVER car sick right? So on the way to the vets, he got really sick and it was that yellow bile and not much else! The vet looked at the eye and says it's cherry eye and he will most likely need a surgery to repair it but we should wait until he is neutered so he only has to go under the anesthesia once. She would generally recommend neutering between 6 and 8 months--he is only 13 weeks now. She took his temperature to make sure he wasn't sick and his temp was good--did a fecal float and was neg. for parasites, giardia, coccidia, etc. Hey that's good. Since he was feeling poorly she had me make another appointment on Friday for his shot and then another in a week for the Bortadella. She told me to fix him chicken and rice or cottage cheese and rice for dinner to make it easy on his tummy.

I picked up some chicken breast on the way home. We don't keep that on hand usually, I'm vegan right? I called Kimberly to let her know what I heard from the vet and she helped with cooking instructions for the chicken. Thank you Kimberly! Your a lifesaver!

Rufus napped a bit and then smelled food and the chicken settled his tummy just fine. I was happy to see him perk right up, he even begged for second helpings and after waiting to be sure it would stay down, I relented and let Larry give it to him.

Oh dear though, about the cherry eye. What started out as a bit pink ended the night very red and swollen. Kimberly said to try and push the membrane back into place but it wouldn't stay put. I'm reading what I can about it and I feel so sad. One thing I read is about how the sooner the repair is done the better and the longer you wait the less likely of a good repair? I've heard of drops or maybe an ointment...but my vet hadn't offered anything like that? I don't know if I should call today and ask or maybe wait until Friday's appointment? And I wonder too, can I hurt him when I bathe him and how about just how rough little puppies play? Can he damage it further? After all, it is tissue that should be inside the eye area! When I wipe his face could I make it worse because of the gentle pulling as I wipe his tears?

My sweet little guy looks up at me with that little blue eye and he has this puffy red swelling... awww it's so hard to see my "baby" with this.
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Christy, we've already talked privately, but if you aren't comfortable with waiting until Friday or with your vet's advice, then you should probably try to call a canine ophthalmologist and just see if you can ask a couple of these questions over the phone. They are going to be the ones with your answers.

I have visited an ophthalmologist here and she wanted to tack a cherry eye right away so it wouldn't dry up, but it was a minor one that would disappear and shrink. We had a Bassett Hound that had a constant large cherry eye and it is very common in that breed and didn't bother the dog, but it was awful to see.

I hope Rufus' will shrink, but I think you may get a lot better answers and reassurance from someone who works with this more.

I'm really, really bummed about this. Thankfully, it isn't a health issue and it has the possibility of an easy repair or going away on it's own, but I know that doesn't help you right now.
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Poor little Rufus. We had a Dachshund that had cherry eye years ago. It did go away on its own thankfully. Hopefully that will be the case with Rufus too.



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Christy, sorry to hear about Rufus. Hopefully it will be a minor "cherry eye" and shrink on its own. Between you and Kimberly, Rufus is in great hands. Keep us posted.

"Hav" a Great Day,
Debbie & Sam & Delilah

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Christy--this is not a condition that I am familiar with so I can only offer hugs at this point to you and Rufus. Today is Wednesday and since it is a holiday you are unlikely to have a specialist to speak to today.

Spend some time today making a list of your questions. I am sure you will think of more questions as you continue your internet search. If you wake up tomorrow and are still not comfortable waiting until Friday, call the opthalmologist. I am not sure how much info they will give you over the telephone since they have not assessed Rufus, but make an appointment if necessary. If you can't get in on Thursday, at least you will have that appointment. If your vet answers all your questions on Friday, you can always cancel that appointment if not needed.

I am assuming that your vet thinks he can fix this himself if he is planning on doing it with the neuter. Have you known your vet for awhile or is this your first experience with him/her?

Kimberly--I am curious--this is not a condition normally associated with Havanese, correct? Could the blue eye be any relationship to the condition? Sorry for my ignorance, but I am just learning about Havanese and I do not know a great deal about eyes in humans.

Again, my thoughts are with Christy and Rufus today. Keep us posted.
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Hi Christy,
I am so sorry to hear about Rufus. We too wish that it goes away on its own. Good luck!

Poornima & Benji

Best, Poornima
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Poor Rufus! We're rooting for Rufus to bounce back quickly and for that bothersome (and probably scary-looking) swelling to go down soon.

Ask the vet or ophthalmologist if you can wet the eye with artificial tears to keep it from drying out while you wait for surgery, or for it to go down on its own. That might help.

Sending hugs to your little guy,

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Oh that's so sad I know how much the pink eye hurts and is bothersome, I don't know much (actually anything) about cherry eye, but I'm sure its bothersome to the lil' guy.

Hopefully, it will resolve itself? I would be like you, and want to fix it NOW (or sooner) than several months. Maybe a second opinion is in order? But I would also worry about putting such a young pup under anesthesia. Big hugs to Rufus and your family!

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Awwww Rufus. I hope he feels better. I have a friend who breeds cockers and cherry eye is pretty common in that breed too.


Dora, Dasher, & Belle's Mommy

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Cheryl, it is not common in Havanese, but it does happen. As timing would have it, there was just a discussion on Cherry Eye on one of the Havanese e-mail groups two days ago (the day before Rufus' popped out). Cherry Eye is usually associated with dog breeds that have round eyes. You see them a lot in the Beagles, Bloodhounds, Bulldogs, Boston Terriers (why am I only finding breeds that start with "B"?), oh, and Cockers and Lhasas, too.

Congenital cherry eye is usually thought to be bilateral, so I will be curious to see if this pops up in his other eye too - heaven forbid!

Here is an article with some bare basic info: Cherry Eye

Here is a picture of how it looks when it is new or irritated:
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