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Looks like Maddie does have a allergy. I was told to stop her pill called Hydroxzine. And we had treated her for mites.
I stopped the pill on Saturday and by sunday she was itching even worse than before. Now more by her head and all over. So I started her back on the pill. And am going to call the vet today.
How hard is it to find out what they are allergic to? I think scene she has itched scene we go her that food might be the problem .We bought some fish oil at a farm store it is called Lipiderm My vet had said to use capcels and brake it and only give her half the oil once a day. I thought this stuff would be easier to measure and put on food.
Some of you put yogurt on your dogs food what does that do and what kind do you buy?
I need to go back to my other post because some of you said your Havies have some allergies. Although some were seasonal and some were food.
Let me know if you have figured out how to tell if it is food or seasonal.

Maddie at 5mo old
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Maddie is young so it may not be an allergy. Mites cause extreme itching. Did the vet give you a shampoo for the mites? My Lhasa has extreme allergys and has disc problems so we try to limit the drugs. I put a shirt on him so he can not itch and run a humitfier at night just for him. Sometimes this works, it always comes back...but later.

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What food is she on?
Are you giving her any treats/chewies/bones?
What shampoo/conditioner do you use?
I know my Havs get SUPER itchy if they have anything with Chicken and or Wheat-
So they are on whitefish and sweet potatoe food and get NO treats w/chicken-

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No the vet did not give shampoo for mites she put something on her skin . I agree about limiting the drugs. How hard was it to figure out what was causing your dogs itch?

Maddie eats a chicken and oatmeal Blue Buffallo small bite puppy food. I just read the bag and it does not have wheat . I think I will look in to a fish based food. or what about lamb?
The doctor gave us a special shampoo for her it is called Epi Smooth. You leave it on for ten minutes she said once a week. I bought some spray for her mats She hates it I don't know if it stings her or it is just cold
Yes her treats are a chicken liver treat freezed dried with pees and carrots
I also make her chicken soup no salt and freeze in ice cub trays so it is very little chicken. She loves it.
what is the name brand of the white fish and potato?

Maddie at 5mo old
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I had put my itchy guy on California Natural dry food. They had a herring&sweet potato variety which seemed to help and gave him totally disgusting fish breath.

It was recommended to me by the woman at the pet food store. If you look it up on, they recommended it for dogs with allergies or sensitive tummies.

I have Jack on Orijen Puppy - he likes it. It is a grain-free food. What was nice was that the store sold the sample sizes of it.


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How old is Maddie? When Ninja was younger, around 3 months he was itching a lot!! I mean A LOT. Turned out that he had ear mites and we got him treated for it right away. After the ear mites were gone he was still itching. I kept going to the vets and they told me it might be allergies but did not give me any advice and simply said not to worry Anywho long story short I noticed one day the itching just stopped. Just like that! It was when he turned around 6 months. Now I'm noticing he's itching again around his face. I told the vet but he said it's cuz he's still young and they eventually stop as they get older but I think it might be seasonal.
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Maddie was born July 6th I just found a calender and if I counted right she is 4.75 mo old She is growing up too fast
I didn't call the vet today because right when I was going to give her her itchie pill I realized she had not been itching. She has only had two meals with the fish oil and one with yogurt (she did not care for yogurt)
I spent some time looking for a puppy food that was fish braced. I came home with so many samples fish, lamb about 7 kinds.
She has gone most of the day without itching! I think the fish oil worked! or the yogurt she hates.
My friend suggested adding something to it that she might like
I just got threw reading how us new moms worrie to much .
If just adding the oil and or yogurt works I say thank you all for your suggestions.
I thank you anyway it is so nice of everyone to help when us new moms get worried.
Big licks from maddie

Maddie at 5mo old
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It doesn't sound like a food allergy. If it was, she wouldn't have stopped itching this quickly. It takes about 6 weeks for all of the allergens to get out of their system. If the fish oil seems to be working she may just have dry skin - 'tis the season.

Jill - Tess & Cody's mom
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We too feel like we have tried it all but am looking for any help / suggestions. This started in March 2010.
Button & Bentley (2yrs) itch, bite and (Button) chew himself til they he is physically sick? The Dr says blood works shows its allergies but I can find no relief except shots. Nothing else is working, they have no fleas. They too are on Hydroxyzine 25mg 2x per day. I also give Benadryl at night but the relief doesn't last long (1-2 hrs). They are bathed in non itch shampoo, topical spray & ointment on worst spots. Changed all foods and there is no wheat but it was no help. They eat Nurto Natural Choice (Lamb Meal & Rice) also home cooked chicken/rice/peas & carrots. We have tried fish oil and herbs - didn't work. Shots work but is not good for their health & dr doesn't want to give but 1x mo. Its been 10 days and the itching is as bad as it was before.

No worries
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I feel so bad for Button and Bently. I would be frustrated. My vet said this has been a bad year for allergies she has seen alot more dogs itching. I had another post that was how much is to much iching you might read threw it .
The mite medication was the first step we took even thow my vet could not see any under her scope. Maddie has started iching a bit more this past week but not like she was. I did give her some cheese and my HD got mad at me
How much fish oil do you give? I stuck with the same diet so I know her itching is not a food allergie. I read so much about differant disorders it put alot of bad thoughts in my head.
I can't remember who but we have A Havenese friend on the forum whos dog has seasonal allergies
Do you like your vet? From what you wrote I would be frustrated that he or she did not give any help to what they are allergic too. Maybe their are vets that specialise in allergies. Keep me posted

Maddie at 5mo old
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