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Waiting for the blood work results.

Hello all,

Yesterday I took Fedja to the vet to do some extended blood work and I specifically asked to check his thyroid levels (thnx Missy). Vet asked a lot of questions, and 'cause my boy is very energetic when on walks he don't think it's his thyroid. Searching on the net i found this info:
'According to the Michigan State University Thyroid Database, Havanese have the 2nd highest rate of hypothyroidism of 140 breeds (up to 26% affected).'
He is already diagnosed as being ataxic, and I just found out this is something that dogs do develop if their thyroid is slow working! But he did have it even as a very young pup, and only about 3,9 percent of pups are known to have thyroid problems. Our neurologist didn't check his blood.

The actual reason I decided to get his blood work done is that the last month he acts so lethargic. He was always quiet, even as a puppy, but for a last few weeks more then ever.
I love to work in the garden, and usually he will stay with me all the time, but now he goes back inside to sleep on the couch.
When inside and I try to play with him, he is so disinterested and no matter how silly and enthusiastic I do, I can't get him exited about anything.
We take two long walks and play fetch every day, first time from 1 pm till 3, and then again in the evening for at least 1 hour again. This is the only time that Fedja acts happy and wags his tail. Vet thinks he gets so much exercise that once home he is just being tired. But I just have the feeling that something is wrong. Most of the time he has such a sad look in his eyes, and I can't help myself but to think that he is so unhappy.
Later today I will get to know the results. Of course I would love to hear that he is totally ok, but on the other hand if nothing is found I really don't know what to think or do anymore. I know it must sound weird, but I almost hope they will find something, not serious and easy treatable. I know, I know, this sounds so stupid, but it only shows how desperate I feel right now.
Will keep you posted.

Greetz from the rainy Netherlands.

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Good morning from Ohio. Saying a prayer that your little one does not have anything serious and that your ver wil be able to give you very good news.

Shirley H.
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Maybe he is just really wore out from the walks and play time. I know when we take mine to the farm in TN and they run all day they will come home and sleep for HOURS and never move. Sometimes I go ck on them to make sure they are still breathing because they are so still lol but they are always fine! I hope you get good news from your vet that everything is fine and he is just wore out. Sometimes I think they just have a sad expression.....
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I tend to think it is his personality. Lizzie is not a hyper-type of dog. She has bursts of playing with her toys and then laying around. She does like to go in the backyard and chase the frisbee and then comes in and lays around. There are days that I have to force her to go on a walk. My husband even says to her that she looks sad, but it is just her expression.

Is it hot in the Netherlands yet? We have had a few hot and muggy days here the past few weeks and I notice that Lizzie is very slow moving in the heat. I was working in the yard and she wanted in the house. For being a dog from Cuba, she cannot take the heat!

I am hoping that Fedja's bloodwork comes back normal. Keep us posted!

Lynne-Lizzie's mom
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Good morning to you all .
Boy am I glad now that I've listen to my gut feeling and did the blood work anyway! Sadly I don't bring a good news.
It looks that Fedja's thyroid is working really slowly. According to my vet the normal range of so called T4 hormone lies somewhere between 21 and 46 and Fedja scores only 9. He is also mild anemic. And the value of urea (has something to do with the kidneys) is slightly high...maximum is 9.6 and he has 9.9, so little dehydrated. Creatinine is good. So kidneys are probably ok, because all of the things mentioned above do happen when dogs are hypothyroid. At this moment everything points out to hypothyroidism.

Next step is to send his blood to the big Pet University clinic here in the country, to check his TSH value. Only if this one turns out to be high then they can say for sure that Fedja has hypothyroidism. I will probably not know it before somewhere begin next week. It's going to be a long week for sure :-(((.

Yesterday I came up with the idea to look on the net for both ataxia (his previous diagnosis made by the neurologist) and hypothyroidism, and to my big surprise I read that in extreme cases dogs with slow working thyroid do get ataxic sometimes!!!

'The diagnosis of hypothyroidism is based on diminished
response to TSH-stimulation in a number of studies [4, 10, 11,
12, 15].
Clinical signs include exercise intolerance, general weakness,
initially mild gait deficits which can progress to paraparesis
or tetraparesis, ataxia, reduced spinal reflexes and muscle
[1, 4, 10, 11, 12]. Proprioceptive positioning deficits and
decreased spinal reflexes are generally more evident in the hind
, however reduced spinal reflexes in all four limbs can occur.'

All things in bold refer to Fedja's condition.
This is just unbelievable. When nothing showed up after MRI-scan was done, why didn't neurologist came up with blood check?! If nothing else only to be sure that there are no other health issues?

I can't help but to think that Fedja has had this thyroid thing going on for a very long time, if not his whole life, and I'm so sad right now I didn't check it earlier. Everyone was telling me that he always was so quiet, and that if he was sick he wouldn't be that energetic outside and eager to go for walks. The only good thing is that it's treatable condition (yes, I'm almost sure of what the results will be) and won't affect quality of his life once we start with medication.

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I'm happy you are finding out answers to why Fedja's been so mellow. You are a good mom and have always had a feeling something was not quite right. My goodness you even tried a friend for him. I hope the week goes fast for you and you will get your answers and he can be treated with medication.

Maddie at 5mo old
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Sena, I'm so glad you've finally gotten a definitive answer. It is too bad he has this condition but at least now you know what it is and can treat it. Let us know how Fedja does on his medication.

Kathie, Abby & McGee's Mom
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Sena, I am glad that you pursued this and got an answer. You followed your instinct. Poor Fedja, he is probably exhausted. At least it is a treatable condition and once on medication you will notice a great difference. Our neighbors Labradoodle is being treated for hypothyroidism and they noticed a change immediately. Plus, she lost like 15 pounds! I am curious as to why lab work was not the first thing done rather than an MRI.

Good Luck!

Lynne-Lizzie's mom
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It's so good that we know our dogs so well and you suspected that Fedja was not feeling well. It is good that he can be treated medically. It is also very good information for us all to know. Thank you for sharing. Best to you both.

LaMontaña Havanese
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Well done you for diagnosing Fedja.I hope everything works out well for you both,and that Fedja is soon dashing about and doing RLH.

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