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I'm starting to get scared

I've had Milo for just over a week now and he's always been very mellow. He's not one to jump around or get crazy, other than his occasional RLH that lasts for a couple of minutes at most. He's been eating well, though shows less interest in food over the last day or two.

It's true he's had a lot going on. He apparently had an umbilical hernia repair surgery before he came to me (within days based upon the stitches), he flew half way across the country, he was taken to the vet 24 hours later (given a clean bill of health but a very perfunctory exam), went back and forth to the office with me where he's mostly slept by my side. He was then taken for a grooming on Tuesday and through it all he's quiet, mellow and sleeps an awful lot. One of the girls in my office asked if there was anything wrong with his heart since he's so laid back and quiet. She said it wasn't normal. Now I'm getting frightened. I adore him and I love his personality, but if it's because he has something wrong with him, I'd rather have a rambunctious (sp) little monster on my hands. Like any new mother I'm worried about my baby. Somebody please tell me this is all normal.

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It's so hard to say. My Scudder is a mellow, gentle, laid back kind of guy, but he is playful. he runs after balls, harasses my other dogs and runs like hell. He does chill a lot of the time, in fact all my guys like to lie around. Have you called Linda? If you are concerned and he has stopped eating, maybe get a full blood panel done on him. His not eating could just be the picky eater in him. Bella will eat one food for a few days and then she will go on a hunger strike and hold out for something better! She is a princess and I fall for it every time. i hope little Milo is ok. Normally, puppy are pretty playful and exploring everything, but like I said maybe he could be an exception?

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Keep a close eye but you need to know that puppies sleep alot...

Ollie and Austin sleep most of the day when I work at home...just at my feet. and Ollie was very mellow as a puppy - when we went to look at the pups...all were running around like crazy and there was Ollie...he just looked at us when we got there and when we sat on the blanket to play he just curled up in a ball on my DH's lap!

As a matter of fact - my puppy nanny comes in 2x on Monday (which I am changing soon as they are older) and the 2nd time Ollie runs out to greet her (they absolutely love her)then hides in the back of the crate when he realizes she is there for a 2nd walk!!! It is just too funny! So obviously once a day is enough!

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Geri, some of these guys are mellow and even independent. Jassy was not a crazy puppy--- but he did have moments of playfullness - but when he was done he liked to go to his corner (in another room) and sleep. I would keep an eye especially on the eating and drinking and see what happens--- but of course if you feel something is not right take him back to the vet. My guess is he is a mellow pup who is still figuring out his new digs and it does sound like Milo has had a lot on his plate this week.

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I know you're worried Geri, but boy do I wish Kubrick was a bit more like Milo! He is a very energetic puppy when he's playing (about 40% of the day) and when I come home (he goes absolutely crazy). However, when he is done playing he is DONE. He will lay around and sleep the whole rest of the day. I think it's pretty normal for them to just lay around the majority of the time.

As for food, I would give him some more time. When Kubrick first arrived he would eat maybe 1/2 of each of his meals and then nothing. It was driving me crazy! And then, all of a sudden, it just fell into place and he will eat his food as fast as possible and then look for more! I think for the first week or so he was still getting used to the house and our schedule but now he knows it's food time and will just inhale his food so he can PLAY.

And I know this doesn't belong in this thread, but Kubrick just did this and I think it's so cute! He will eat his food for about 3 minutes and then he will run over to where I'm sitting on the couch, give my arm two licks and then go back to eating. He will do this another two times before he's done. It's like he's saying "Thank you mommy for this wonderful food!"

It's also possible that Milo is just a mellow puppy so I wouldn't worry about it too much for at least another week or so. Let him get used to all the (wonderful) changes in his life!

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Geri, that sounds like a lot for a puppy to go thru their first week home. I am sure he is just trying to adjust to everything. Keep an eye on the not eating, if it continues you might want to check with the vet, but I am sure that Milo is just a mello guy!!

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If he was just at the vet and got a clean bill of health, I wouldn't worry too much. It sounds like that's just his personality. My Nico, who's a little over 4 months, is a laid back guy. He has two frenetic periods each day (around noon and shortly before bedtime) that I call "Devil Dog time" when he plays RLH and gets a little nutty. The rest of the time, he's content to hang out. He'll play a bit, but it's not wild and crazy play. He hardly ever barks. He doesn't jump up and down. He sleeps a lot and lies on the couch with the kids. When he went to get groomed on Monday for the first time the groomer said he was very good and she was surprised it was his first time to the groomer since he was so laid back about it. He recently (within the last week or so) got very picky about his food whereas he was previously eating his kibble well. He's still perfectly happy to eat treats, he's just not into what he's supposed to be eating. It sounds like many many Havs do this. So I'd keep a watchful eye on Milo, but I wouldn't get all worried and I'd thank the lucky stars to have gotten a mellow dog that takes things in stride.
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What is Milo's history? Did he get used to sleeping all day and then playing a lot at night?

Each dog's personality is different. And it is possible he will liven up once he gets beyond all the changes he has been through lately.
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Hi Geri,

I know your feelings, I have really fallen for my dog also. I worry alot too. What I would suggest is you try to get Milo to eat with some kind of treat, like cooked chicken ( they love chicken ) alot of us get our dogs to eat by putting treats on their regular food.

And then maybe you would feel better to take Milo back to the vet and talk to him about your concerns.

I can tell a funny vet store on us; Casper was coughing on and off a couple of hours one morning so we took him to the vet and Casper would not cough at all for the vet, totally stopped coughing. I think the vet thought we were a little crazy.
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You could ask the vet for a blood panel just to be on the safe side... not sure at what age this is safe for but might be good for your mind.

My maltese had an umbilical hernia and she had it repaired when she was spayed. She was 6 months and that didn't really have much effect but it was slight. My vet said it was more cosmetic and told me he would fix it during her spay or to just leave it alone.

Also different puppies like humans have different natures. Maybe you just have a laid back guy or the real dog will show his personality in a few weeks! Dora is very laid back but then she goes thru running like crazy, fighting with toys, and wanting to play tug of war episodes that don't seem to end!


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