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Natural / organic tick and flea repellent?

Hi everybody. My sincere apologies in advance if this topic has been already covered but I spent the entire last week trying to figure out what should I do. My little adorable Ari is only 5 months old and I live in quite wooded area where there is a serious danger of catching all kind of parasites. I am mostly concerned with ticks as there are plenty of deers and coyotes wondering around.

Even before going to vet I dismissed all kind of FrontLine stuff, nonetheless their office have recommended me a Scalibor (this is a band / collar) made by Merck). Even before reading a MSDS sheet I was quite sceptical of an idea to introduce yet another chemical compound / poison to my little boy bloodstream (I have enough grave experience with my husband side effects from chemo therapy). It is like a trade-off, - either to die of cancel or suffer from all kind of debilitating side effects.I just hate drugs..period. And sure enuf, after reading that MSDS sheet, I was absolutely terrified and scared.

Anyways, I start looking and found CedarCide, highly touted "organic" oil, yet not certified by respective governmental agencies. There are some negative feedback (both on a company and product), so I am wondering if anybody used this stuff and how effective is it? It is also known as Dr. Ben oil, sold by quarts and gallons.

I got to do something ASAP because I can't keep my adorable puppy inside. HELP!!!!
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interesting. Living in CT I have 3 havies and am already taking the ticks off in numbers I haven't seen in the past. Just looked up remedies. I do use Advantix.. it works fairly well, but doesnt repell the way I would like. Read the essential oil of Rose Geranium is effective to repel go to ,
Maybe this will help.
I have not tried it yet, but surely something has to be done. 2 of my older dogs have had tick bite reactions and I have had Ehrlichiosis (a tick borne desease) as well as repeated symptoms the past few years.
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I tried another type of herbal product. The problem I had was the ticks would still get on the dogs, and then they would fall off in my house. I had lyme 3 times, so I have to weigh out the pros and cons. Unfortunately, I can't afford to get lyme again so my guys wear the Preventic collars and I treat them with frontline. If a tick should get on the dog, the frontline will kill them. My pups like their walks way too much, so this is the only solution for me....

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I live in a heavy tick infested area. Before going out, I dab my dogs with a 50/50 solution of raw, organic, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar and water. I dab it on them with a rag and it seems to be helping. I sometimes add a little chopped garlic to the solution for added punch. I know garlic repels mosquitoes. I also started feeding them a teensie bit of raw garlic each day, mixed into their food, and I put a small amount of apple cider vinegar in their water as well.

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Thanks a lot, Nancy. How old are your dogs, I assume we are talking about havanese, right? How many do you have and how long you have been doing this? How often do you apply this solution, like once a week, every time you take them out? Do you have to pretty much soak them in it? Have you noticed any ticks on them (dead or alive) after applying this solution? Any problems with matting afterwards? What about smell? Are they leaking themselves more than usually?

The reason I am seeking help and advice here is that I believe this is the only place on Internet where I can find sincere, loving and totally non-biased community which has the same concerns as I do regarding their beloved pets well-being and health. These little darlings of ours completely entrusted us with their lives and they are absolutely sure that we will protect them and therefore will eat, wear or take whatever we give them. Therefore we have huge responsibility to make those decisions and it is twice as hard.

Advertising all kinds of "organic" / "alternative" remedies on Internet is quickly becoming quite fashionable, huge and dirty business where all kind of "shill professional" opinions are offered to the unsuspecting public to "help" them to consolidate their buying decision. On one hand they will pray on your fear of conventional Big Pharma solutions and on another they will try to steer you in the opposite direction. And no doubts, you will find equally populated reverse notions. For all those unscrupulous low-lives it's all about making a quick buck! They care less about human life.. let alone your pet. I know all that from my personal experience watching my husband spending small fortune and who counts the time and efforts, dealing with alternative methods / remedies for treating cancer.

As I said before I flatly refuse to use any pharmaceutical solutions for my adorable Ari regardless of what other people think about them. I know that it is a poison, the only question is not will it affect something in your pet but rather when will it happen and in what shape and form will it manifest itself. All drugs are killers and the only variables are time and which pat of the organism they will affect!

I know this because I've seen it on my husband. Btw, do you know that it is only in USA you can find such a blatant TV advertising of various drugs. Did you ever ask yourself a question, - "WHY IS THAT"

So organic route it is, at least for me, therefore, please continue to share your personal experiences with any of those methods and remedies. I believe that our strength is in TRUTH which is very difficult commodity to find nowadays.

TIA to everybody
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Never heard of Cedarcide, know cedar doesn't attract insects. Apple cidar vinegar is good, but not perfect. The same thing for diatomaceous earth. I don't know if de works for ticks but pretty good for fleas.

Becky C
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Well I don't know if it is as organic as you would want it to be, but I do occasionally use Lice-Freee (the leave-on spray, not the gel that you are supposed to wash off) on my dog to keep away fleas. It's NOT a product made for dogs (it's made for humans), and not even made to keep away fleas (it's made to kill and keep away lice on human heads), so use it at your own discretion - YMMV - but, it's worked wonders for both of the 'children' in my house, human and dog, whether the bugs were lice or fleas (no idea about ticks, we don't live where there are ticks). It's supposed to be perfectly save for children, so I assume that by extension it would be relatively safe for dogs as well.

I also LOVE DE, but that's not much good as a deterrent in real-time,, it's much better as a treatment to keep fleas (and perhaps ticks, not sure) from infesting your home, which is a slightly different matter.

That being said, I use a regular monthly flea treatment on my dog and would probably use a tick-repelling monthly treatment as well if we lived where there were ticks - in other words, I don't recommend using anything I've mentioned above as an ongoing repellent, without the regular monthly treatments. I am not sure, in fact, that there any 100% pure, organic, natural solution out there, to be honest. We all have to weigh the costs vs. benefits of everything we do for our dogs, from flea treatments to vaccinations to socialization (in potentially parvo-infested situations, for instance). -Just my 2 cents...
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Just be careful about using products for another species without consulting a vet first. Just because it's safe for humans does NOT necessarily mean it's safe for all animal species. For instance, deet, the main ingredient in most mosquito repellents, is a neurotoxin for horses. Bad, bad stuff. Same thing is true with Advantix... works great on dogs, deadly to cats if ingested.

So please make sure you check before using a product meant for one species on another species.

Karen, Kodi, Pixel and Panda
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Just be careful about using products for another species without consulting a vet first.
Thanks for the warning, guys. Trust me, I won't do anything until I am 100% comfortablle and sure about anything organic / natural I find. As far as my vet opinion, I do not think so, - they all represent conventional medicine like human doctors. They all make money selling and promoting all kind of drugs and I can't blame them for it - that is their reality and living but surely it is not MINE.
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Personally I believe in products to repel and kill fleas and ticks. The tick born disease might kill my little one. If a child needs an antibotic (poison) would you not give it? Same with vaccines. We eradicated polio and smallpox with vacines. And I spray down my grands with Deet when they are playing outside in the woods. Encephalitus is not a disease to play around with and it is passed from mosquitos to humans.

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