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should I give Jasper more food? (and Cash)

If your dogs are looking for food like they are hungry do you give it to them?

this is new to me, especially with Jasper who has never been food motivated, but since he has been feeling better he seems to be hungry. Just now he was staring up at a tin where we keep treats and whining. When I gave him a small handful of kibble it was like I gave him boiled chicken.

In the past two months, I have switched them both to Chicken medallions (they are lower in fat- they used to get chicken and beef) and have been giving Jasper half medallions/half kibble (which he now seems to really like)

I went on the natures variety site and did their feeding guide... and although I am not feeding NV Kibble-- I seem to be feeding the right amount. for a dog his size and normal activity they say 1/2 cup kibble and 2.7 medallions and that is what he gets-- plus treats (including his joint treat)

I've also noticed that he is more eager when we do tricks for much so he is not as focused on the trick but more the treat.

Now this regimen has seemed to make him a lot happier in general. But I don't want him to be hungry. Or...are they supposed to be a little hungry?

Cash on the other hand, is on a diet both to lose weight and also to see if he is less itchy and has been getting only the chicken medallions and seems to be a bit leaner (and less itchy) since I have eliminated the kibble from his diet... He is supposed to get 5.7 medallions and he gets 5 and treats. Now he has always been a hungry boy-- so I am not as concerned, and he does actually seem less hungry on his atkins diet. But he too, sometimes whines at the treat tin and jumps on chairs to try to get to it as it is kept on the mantle.

I kind of figure if they get to the point of searching it out...they must be really hungry... Am I supposed to give in or not...

Oh by the way-- I have not had a drop of finickiness from either in over a month since I have been feeding them this way. But it is just this past week or two that they have seemed hungry...

Looking for the sage advice of the forum.

Missy, Jasper & Cash
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My guys seem to always be hungry. It's like they have a never ending appetite. As soon as I make a move near the kitchen, Brando is at my feet. I feed them quite a bit more than the recommended amount simply for the fact that they are so active. I'm a raw feeder. If you can really feel their rib cages easily, then feed them a little more. If you have to press a little to feel their ribs, then they are fine. That's the way I measure my guys. Once in awhile I will even give them a extra bit more food. Just so once in awhile they get to really feel full. Maybe once a month.

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Hey Missy - Maybe you are feeding him to little? You say you used the 'average' activity level on the NV website? Are you sure your guys are only have a average activity level? Since they have each other, I'm sure they are active all day? to some degree anyways?? I have Beamer on 4oz a day and I think he is average. Hmmmmm?


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Hi Missy:

I have the same thing going on here with Racquet. He always seems hungry. Racquet weighs 21 pounds , almost 22 pounds with a big frame. I feed him 1/3 cups of food three times a day plus treats . If I feed him more than 1 cup per day he will sometimes throw up the next morning.
I am not sure the amount I feed him is sufficient. I can feel his ribs and he is not overweight.
Elayne and Hungry Racquet
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I think mine are always hungry. I also have to watch Dora cause she will eat her food and finish belle or dasher's and get sick. She is perfect weight for her frameand has maintained her weight. She never turns down a cookie though and is the first to jump all over the place if you hit the cookie jar! Belle is also a garbage hound and gets into everything but she has always been that way. I think it is just their nature. Also the more exercising they do just like us, the more hungry they are and the more they need to eat. I also leave kibble out all the time for them and about once a week I toss what hasn't been ate. They usually don't touch it so I think they are fine.

Dora, Dasher, & Belle's Mommy

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Missy I definetly need to feed Monte more than Riley, he just burns his food faster. Riley is my pig and will eat anything & everything, Monte is more picky. Monte is loving the NV raw that I have been mixing with the innova kibble but the kibble always seems to be left on his plate when he is done. I was thinking of trying the Royal Canin like Jasper, which one are you feeding? I really think Monte just needs more carbs like his mom.

Leeann, Riley, Monte & Rumor

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I am not too worried about Cash because like others here he is chow hound and will anything. And Even though I am getting closer to being able to feel his ribs I still have to push.. which is why I can't leave kibble down.

But Jasper has always been a food fusser and has even left medallions.
and since he has been feeling better, he is eating everything. I mean he does not even need to be coaxed to his dish. He is pretty solid, there doesn't seem to be any extra fat on him but he does not seem skin and bones as folks at the play date can boys do not feel like other Havanese...they are very much "sturdy big little dogs"

Leeann, I was using mini poodle RC... but then when I noticed Jas was doing better with less protein I started mixing it with Mini Beauty which has less protein and less fat. And he does have more energy-- but does seem hungrier.

Bottom line, I can't feel his ribs so I guess he is getting enough.

Missy, Jasper & Cash
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Sometimes Pepper is satisfied with what I give him, other times he hovers or whines by the counter where his food is kept. He's at an okay weight, can feel his ribs if I push, but will gain a half pound easily if I give in to his food requests. So I go to the carrots which he likes, but doesn't love. I chop a baby carrot up into small pieces and put it in his bowl. If he eats it, I'll give him another. Usually after two he leaves a bite or two and goes away. I don't know if he's then full or just tired of boring old carrots and knows nothing better is coming, but either way, he quits begging, and his weight stays where it should. We call it the PAWW plan (Puppy at Weight Watchers) (: Laura
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I also noticed Saydee seems more hungry since we started the NV medallions, once a day. But her weight gain is just right, sooo... I'm thinking part of it is that she really likes the medallions and eating is so enjoyable, she'd just like to have more.
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Missy, I think they are just like us - some days we get hungrier than others. My vet told me that if you can't feel their ribs, they are overweight. At 16 mos. Abby weighs eight pounds and I give her a quarter cup of dry food twice a day and she has maintained her weight for several months now. She does get a small treat a few times a day and her daddy gives her tiny bites of pretzel at night because he loves to watch her chew it - plus he's a softie!!


Kathie, Abby & McGee's Mom
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