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Gucci's mom
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Pain Medication~ Gucci is in some major pain


Well, Gucci FINALLY had her spay yesterday. Third time it was scheduled, charm? IDK...but we had no glitches, deaths in the family, or heat to stop us from going through with it, though...Mommy was a *nervous* freaking wreck. (Just as bad as I was when my DS, Jake, had surgery last month)

Anyhow...Poor thing was terrified when we arrived at the vet, I'll never forget the look she gave me when they took her back Heartwrenching. And still..

They gave me Metacam for every 24 hours and that wore off around 9 this morning (I administered at 5pm yest), so I called the vet and they told me no early dose, to come pick up a muscle relaxer (?) Buprenorphine, every 8 hours.

I just gave her a dose of that because she is in MAJOR pain (she is literally crying **tears in her eyes**, plus the whining, crawling on my chest and shaking, etc) and now I am worried about it and watching her like a hawk for any side effects.

Can anyone soothe my anxiety? Tell me that their dog took both of these medications at the same time and did fine? I'm really worried. I hate to see her in pain, but I worry about reactions to the medication Lose/lose.

I am still in jammies and we are camping out on the couch today with her favorite fur blanket (reconstructed from a vintage mink coat, that I had made for her and she Loves it!!) She is finally sleeping right now.

Oh..and I'm having issues getting her to eat and drink. She's refusing ground chicken (one of her favorites) and I am having to use the medicine syringe to slip water down her throat because she hasnt' drank anything today.

When my DH went to the vet hospital to pick up the 2nd pain med, he got to talk to 2 of the vets that work there and they both were telling him that the little dogs always seem to have a rougher time with pain (Is this true?) and one of them that assisted with her spay yesterday told my DH that Gucci did have a rough time, and whined a lot afterwards (of course the vet tech told us she was fine and a 'sweetheart', which I did find hard to believe considering she usually gets bent out of shape if I'm not within eyesight.)So..yeah..
Rough day here at Gucci's house..
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My Dogs Mom
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Kara, I'm so sorry to hear about Gucci's pain! I don't have any suggestions except to tell you not to worry, lol, lot of good that is huh?
I'm sending warm hugs your way!

Vinny, Lulu, Gabby and Richie too!

Be yourself, everyone else is taken.
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Oh Kara, I wish I could help you with the medication issue but I have no experience with it, but I can feel your/her pain from here. I'm sending healing vibes to our princess Gucci. I'm so happy she can hang out on a mink blanket while she heals . Just trying to make you smile. Nothing makes us feel worse than when our little ones are suffering.

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and Murphy & Gracie too!
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Poor Gucci! Scooter had an awful time and I thought I was helping by giving extra Metacam, please don't do that! I thought it was pain med but it's actually anti-inflammatory.

Why did they give a muscle relaxer instead of pain med? I'd say go with your gut feeling and take her in if you're worried. We did, turned out Scooter had a reaction to the dissolving stitches and had to have his neuter redone with removable stitches.

Ann-Scooter, Murphy, & Gracie's Mom
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Kubrick & Hitchcock's Mom
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Hitch just got neutered on Thursday. He's on Metacam for inflammation (it's an anti-inflammatory) and Torbutol for pain. The Metacam he gets every 24 hours and the Torbutol every 12. I'm not sure I'll be giving it to him at the next time, though, as he's doing fine now. I would suggest you call the vet and say you want PAIN medication, not a muscle relaxant (not sure why they told you that). You could probably even say that you know Torbutol is used or something.

As for being in pain, don't worry about her being in pain (I know, easier said than done) as Kubrick was absolutely 100% MISERABLE for 3 days after his neuter. Crying, not moving, not eating, etc. Seriously, it was pathetic. After the 3rd day, though, he started perking up and acting like his normal self. Hitchcock is acting normal now, though he goes through his whining moments as well. It's normal - they've just had a major surgery after all - though I know how heartbreaking it can be, trust me. Just give her lots of love and light belly rubs (both my boys really liked that) to help her along.

I would call the vet and ask for pain medication, though!

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and Murphy & Gracie too!
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I would too, no sense in her being uncomfortable when they can safely relieve the pain. And then you won't be so worried either!

Ann-Scooter, Murphy, & Gracie's Mom
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Quincy's Mom-Vinnie too!
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Oh Kara-- I am sorry you and Gucci are having a rough time.

I am not familiar with the meds,but I wouldn't worry about the food issue just yet. She may eat very little or not at all for a few days and still be ok. I see that at the clinic all the time. If food and water are out and available,I wouldn't worry too much.

I also would ask for pain meds for her. She should sleep alot Kara. The meds just kind of do that. Please call the vet and ask about mixing the meds and adding a pain medication,maybe dropping the muscle relaxer in exchange for pain meds. I don't get why they gave you muscle relaxer,instead of pain meds. A mistake?

Sending you both big hugs.

Vincent-Quincy's playmate

"Behind every unstable dog is a lesson for the owner"-Cesar Millan
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Hugs to little Gucci. I'm sorry it's been so rough on her and on you, Kara. I'll bet in another few days she'll more like herself. In the meantime, I would ask your vet for pain meds. Ask them if you can give her Tylenol or something.


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Rosa also had a miserable time with her spay. She couldn't cope with the onesie and I had to put an e-collar on her. She was obviously in pain and very unhappy. She was off her food for a couple days, though I can usually tempt my Havs with softened kibble with some lo-fat cottage cheese mixed in. I have been known to give them a benedryl when they are hurting to sedate them a bit- but check with you vet first!

At risk of sounding like my Mom (or yours!)... this too shall pass! Give her an extra kiss for me!

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Gucci's mom
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Thanks for the well~wishes everyone.

The vet did say the buprenorphine would ease her pain, IDK? He said it was really hard with 'these little dogs' because of the dosing and was leary about adding more of the Metacam, they said 1 hour early, no earlier. She does seem to be sleepy, so maybe that med just knocks her out more than helps the pain? Sleeps through the pain, maybe?

Lina....she is acting just like you described Kubrick, 100% 'miserable'.

I will give this regiment a shot, I suppose, she can take more metacam at 4-5 and if she is still acting like this tomorrow, I'm going to call and have them switch things up.

I just can't watch her suffer.

Speaking of suffering, when we were filling out the paperwork for the spay, there is a place you can check to NOT get pain meds for your dog and save $20 or so...who would do that? I mean, really. That's a cruel way to save $20~ Julie, I bet you see all types of pet owners, good and bad??

I guess some dogs just aren't as resilient as others.
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