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We have had dogs all of our lives, all medium and large breed...all rescues. After our rescued greyhound had to be put down and our GSD dying 2 years before, we decided on no more dogs. The issue wasn't the dogs, but the pain on them aging and dying. After 6 months, I was at my wits end, trying to adjust to a household without a dog. My husband was quite content as is. He finally gave in to my request and after seeing my cousin's sweet Havanese, I decided that I would look into this breed. After doing some research on the breed, I was convinced this would be a good choice for us at this time in our lives. I loved the idea of a dog small enough to travel with us easily and taking her along where ever we could. I loved the idea of a friendly dog who loved people and enjoyed being around them. So in order, I would say, personality and little shedding. The coat and color were optional as this dog would be a rescue as well and those options don't always come with a rescue. We weren't disappointed. And my husband is smitten with her... and she with him.
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